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Really creepy?, 31 August 2012

I've read the previous review and have to disagree with it. I found The Spiral Staircase completely predictable - I had the murderer pinned within a couple of scenes - and the atmosphere fell well short of that in many "creepies" of the era in which it was made. In fact I'm finding it difficult to find the required ten lines to say about the film. The acting was adequate but, as I said, the murderer was easy to spot. Probably the best performance was from Ethel Barrymore. It can't have been easy producing so many different moods whilst simply lying in bed. The Spiral Staircase provided a little mild entertainment to watch during a rather boring afternoon but I'm glad I didn't pass up anything else in order to watch it.

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Character missing from The Adventures of Kit Carson, 10 November 2009

As a child in the early 1950s I regularly watched "The Adventures of Kit Carson". However I'm puzzled by a particular omission from the list of characters. I remember that in many episodes Kit Carson had as his sidekick a little girl called Joan. However, there's no mention of Joan in the cast list. Please can anyone explain or help with this? (The reason I remember 'Joan' so clearly is because when I played cowboys-and-Indians with my many boy cousins they always insisted that I be Joan! In addition I have just made contact with someone else who remembers watching "The Adventures of Kit Carson" and he confirmed that Joan was a regular participant, commenting that the relationship would never be allowed today!