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A Feelgood movie with an edge, 29 November 2008

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5 women meet at an audition, connects, goes on a day out that lasts somewhat, and forms friendships. They are all different and has only one thing common - they would all like to be actresses, get the part, belong. Does not seem much, but is so well done and with feeling that I keep returning to this small film. They are all beautiful women, the leading parts, although so different so similar. I have not really gotten my eyes opened to German films until lately, but the more that I see the more I like them. Being European I might relate to German films easier than Americans, but give this flick a chance US. This one is well helped by a former group,"Queen Bee",who colors the emotions throughout the film with their humor and wit and music. It's a Buddie-movie and if that is not your taste - it's not for you. It was for me. Excellent.

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Young girl gets stranded - bleak but moving., 11 November 2008

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Stepping off the buss to catch a train, getting your luggage stolen and standing stranded in a city unknown to you. What would you do ? This is a film of growing up, finding identities, finding out about who you are. not to mention your own sexual preferences. This film portrays one particular year in the leads life, that is ageless, really. I'm 64 and recognized it, although its views of life is rather bleak. I found the film to be moving, disturbing and reassuring. That's not bad for one movie. Germans have a way of making stark naked films lately that gives a picture of how society looks from below, and it is not all that glorious. Germans know how this is done. No sweet flavors of pink as US movies. Just bare basic. This is one of them. Still, the film is tender, takes good care of their characters, well helped by great acting in the lead parts. The lesbian twitch was my reason to see it. As a European I recommend this to all. Americans ? - maybe not so much. There is no candy-floss here at all.

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Really awesome, 28 October 2008

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Well, I grant you that the film could have been much better with Chinese dialog, but since I do not speak Chinese, English worked fine for me. I found the colorite of the periode just great. Costumes, interior, culture - but than again - I'm not Chinese and are probably not able to see the flaws and am very happy for it. I liked the film, that I by chance came by, and would not have seen if my sister had not tipped my off. I found that it was portraying the eara between old and new time quite believable as it take place around the Japanese invation of China. The lead man is an American and the one bringing change with him. The female lead is a strong Chinese lady who plays her role most brilliantly. The only drawback that I could see was the end that was too yacky for me knowing what Mao did to his country in the years that followed. If you like films about China this one could well be your thing.