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A classic bad bad bad(did I mention bad)movie, 9 November 2002

What are you expecting from a bunch of people who have no acting experience and decide to get together and make a movie. The acting is terrible(duh). Y. K. Kim's english is really bad(double duh). But the good thing about this movie are the great fight sceans. They don't make you forget the horrible acting, but it makes up for it. If you want to laugh yourself silly watching a bad movie this movie is for you. Others beware. 5 out of 5(that's because I crack up every time I see this film.

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Worst movie of 2002, 31 October 2002

What in the blue hell were they thinking when this piece of garbage was made? One of the worst movies of 2002, if not of alltime. My main gripe with the movie was that they killed off Jamie Lee. Plus her scenes did not fit into the rest of the movie. If you know what's good for you you'll stay away from this crap. * out of 5.

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Goodby Mr Lee, 20 October 2002

Worth seeing for the footage of Bruce Lee only, not for the cheap imposter that took his place. 3 stars out of 5. If possible check out Bruce Lee A Warrior's Journey. It has all of the footage Lee shot for the movie.