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JCVD (2008)
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Van Damme is astonishing, a cult is born !, 13 October 2008

The story, I wont tell, you know it. So, no spoilers ! The "Van Damme" = this is what i'm gonna review. Van Damme got mature. Van Damme has stories in his eyes. Van Damme has life in his eyes. Van Damme has sadness in his eyes. Van Damme has regrets in his eyes. Van Damme has stuff to say to the world, to his audience. Van Damme have a message to deliver. He does in JCVD.

In JCVD, we see for the first time Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, the man, amazing ! Not the character, the real man ! You can feel it from the screen. wow, very cool feeling I had.

The context of the film help Van Damme for telling the truth about his bad moments in life/career and conclude them. This movie close the bad Van Damme, it is a reborn. A therapy film for Van Varenberg.

The jokes (humor) is very well done, van damme can be very funny in his language. The action scenes are "real style" shouted. I liked it a lot. Good kicks in this film, few, but good, so powerful, the sound effects are awesome.

The monologue is astonishing, so Oscar winning performance ! Van Damme has secret about his daughter Bianca, is not easy to be a father (as an action figure) for a daughter. The relation between a daughter watching her "normal" dad in his Hollywood life/career is not easy.

Van Damme is really back on track.

JCVD The Movie : 10/10 Jean-Claude Van Varenberg, the most human-actor in Hollywood. 10/10

In Hell (2003)
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A Van Damme come back ! That's for shure !, 22 November 2003

Hi, I just saw IN HELL ( a.k.a THE SAVAGE ) on DVD.

The movie is unbealevably mature and realistic.

Van Damme like you never saw him before, ...........good job.

Even in the making of featurette on the DVD, the interviewing people are saying that Van Damme can act.

BUT FORGET MARTIAL ART, it is mature, realistic real prison fight.

THE REAL LIFE. IN HELL is a documentary I would say!

A drama for Van Damme's fan !!!!

YES, IN HELL is a drama action flick !

If you prefer him in martial arts old Van Damme movie style, you are the fans that Dan Damme want to left behind, he is looking for a more adult action audience. And that means big changes, big new style, bigger acting, bigger drama, and not a HERO like old style !

He made it, like THE REPLICANT, thank you Ringo Lam, thank you !

( Director of those 2 films.... + maximum risk )

Be prepared to accept the change from Van Damme, and you'll love the film !!!!!!!!!!!!!