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Incendiary (2008)
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Reply to Steve Carver, 10 June 2009

It never seems for me to find some obscure film from the U.K. or even here in America that places itself in a situation simple human nature. You ran on and compared this modern day tragedy to Bridget Jones Diary. Personally I detest the Bridget Jones Diary whereas in this film you find common day people catching themselves in a common day probable tragedy. The characters you mentioned played by Ewan MacGregor and Matthew Macfadayen, one who is not only caught in the candidness of Michelle Williams character, but also her husband's Supervisor giving his personal tickets away to save his own carcass based on probabilities.

I have suffered a modern day tragedy and if not for my family could easily seem myself wrapped up in my daughters personal items. Your complete and total insufferable ability to see the human nature side of this movie makes me wonder why you even watched it. I have many friends scattered throughout the UK and even a London Police Officer who speaks of the many things that happen on a daily work day for him. So perhaps you should climb out of your dungeon and take heart to the last words spoken in the letter to Mr. Osama. Because it is truly obvious you did not understand the plea to listen to the voices of the children and perhaps together we could speak of peace for it is the children that carry and must live in this shattered world we now live in.

The movie was touching especially to one who has lost through accident or currently war related reasons. The issues they speak of in getting through the grief are true and do work for many. As I said before I am not one who would commit adultery but realize that people are different and suffer issues and can see clearly how such a transgression could have happen. It has been said that it is not man that preys on the broken heart of a woman but the evil within the man.

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Importance of the movie requires viewing, 20 January 2007

In a world where the lines are crossed and the message gets somewhat blurred. This is a movie that kids watching really get engrossed in watching what's going on in the movie. Dedication and devotion to the team aspect and maintaining the story so close that actual storyline and providing the clips at the end of the movie was a nice touch. So many times we stick these kids into work camps as stated in the movie, there is really no other direction for these kids to go. It is a shame that more programs like this exists around the country with more frequency.

As for the movie content was somewhat predictable but did provide enough personalized touches with story lines of real characters and actually using some of the current detainees within the camp to use within the movie itself. Additionally I was also impressed that all the football was REAL action. Go through the special features and you will get the action directors integrity to really depicting the game. Enough said the movie is outstanding provides a opportunity for kids to have hope but only when someone is there to pay a little attention to the kids.

As for those of you who don't remember Dwayne Johnson the football player you don't know what you missed cause he was a monster and did in fact physically attack using his upper body strength as mentioned in the movie. The man was a human wrecking machine but talent is talent. So I am not so startled that he is bettering his skills in acting on the screen rather than on the mat.

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Much more than a cultural film, 18 April 2005

The previous commentaries are right on the money and leaves me with very little to actually say. It should be noted that my take on the movie crossed into the ever-changing scenery that we read about in China and Japan. The ways of the old are much by the wayside and this film does a very good job of delving into that situation both here and abroad. Simply the factor of respecting others for whom and what we are is portrayed very well. It is quite ironic that the film requires all that watch it to take a hard look how things have changed even in many of our Americanized-Industrialized lives here in the United States.

In a world where less than ten percent of owners and renters can tell you their neighbor's names, or the last time the family sat down together at the table and spoke to their children about how things were at school today. The abomination of society is truly a socially reflective indicator of what baby-boomer's and post baby-boomer's have forgotten from when we were children. The Last Samurai in this aspect portrays greatly how respect was experienced within a culture and a family. Kudos to the movie and most especially to FilmLabRat stated with great poise many of my respects to the film overall.

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Look a little harder, 13 April 2005

This movie is not one that was made to make awards and reach the hierarchy of its peers. It was developed for the holiday season but it was also made quite simply to remind us that in life there must be faith. Much like the message at the end of the movie, just because you can't see air, doesn't mean its not there. Faith can be religious but in this movie, faith went much further and it would appear some failed to see this aspect.

Those who say their bored are perhaps the very people that need the message of the movie much like Ms. Houston. It speaks about love that is everlasting not only in the terms of religion but in our lives, relationships and our communities as a whole. It is very odd that anyone would not enjoy this movie. It is uplifting and funny, but most importantly if you are human it makes you take a serious look at those around you.

Coyote Waits (2003) (TV)
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Mystery without the glitz, 28 March 2004

Was pleasantly surprised with this film as a friend who contributes to public television recommended it to me. Since the movie started at 2 a.m. my hopes initially was that the film would be a dud and I could go to bed. Instead this film has me wanting to purchase it to view again and possibly add the initial film Skinwalkers along with the purchase. The Tony Hillerman novels will also be purchased for a good read as well.

For me, fortunately the pace and structure of the movie was outstanding in this CSI laden era of mystery. The back and forth development of the case was to me intriguing and provided enough information to get you involved but not to much information to stop your personal hunt to figure out who committed the crimes.

There was enough personal concern for Adam Beach's character Jim Chee to strive for the resolution of this mystery. From time to time it is nice to see a Movie/TV cop solve a crime because it is the right thing to do without car chases or autopsy scenes shocking your senses.