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Happy horse, 9 May 2016

Bucolic Polish film about a father dying and leaving most of his property to the Church, with his sons only inheriting a barn with old junk and and old FSO car.

The car is believed to have been owned by Pope John Paul II, and the townsfolk gather money together to buy it. They believe it is the source of many miracles in the town.

One of the brothers has a negro American wife, but when they talk in English they both have American accents very different from their native voices.

There is the most cheerful horse I've ever seen in a film.

Even tower blocks were fashionable once, 9 May 2016

Essentially an extended music video clip for Cliff Richards.

Richards is a merchant banker who is moved to Birmingham and what follows is a montage of the brutalist concrete architecture that made Birmingham worse, and shots of flyovers before they were covered in tags and vomit.

George Cole is there and there's a famous scene of shooting the television set. Later there is a 1980s direct-to-video film style plot line where Richards and his girlfriend plan to open a burger bar selling "Brumburgers".

There's quite a lot of embarrassed people in the street scene, as if having to live in Birmingham wasn't punishment enough ! Product placement - BOAC airlines.

Old Chestnut, 9 May 2016

Film work must have been thin on the ground in 1962 in Britain as quite a lot of decent actors struggle valiantly in this hoary old chestnut.

There's a good orchestral score (if hackneyed) and some nice cinematography too, although the producers couldn't be bothered colourising the film.

A young couple just moved on from a post in Jamaica are in a rivalry for a position in a provincial medical college with the catty middle class staff of the college. Quite apropos of nothing at all, the wife dabbles in a bit of voodoo to help her husband.

There's some lovely knitwear. The print is surprisingly good as this is the type of nonsense that would have been run on television in the 1960s and 1970s about a million times.

Ginger Rogers in France, 7 April 2016

Ginger Rogers stars in this portmanteau of romance and thriller, which is called "Beautiful Stranger" on the title. Eddie Byrne is his usual disreputable self - "I stole it, I'm innocent".

Rogers is the girlfriend of an apparently reputable millionaire living on a continental island when she meets a young potter at a bijou beatnik house on the coast.

Bizarrely, her Rolls Royce keeps changing colour from white to silver, even during car chases. I'm not sure if this is a filming fault, because of film processing, or a mistake made in digitisation.

Eddie creeps around a house and the potter looks outside but doesn't see his Citroen (the same one as used by the police) parked clearly in front of the house. The same white telephone is used throughout the house and office.

Pants down farce, 7 April 2016

Doris Day and Patrick O'Neal are husband and wife in this permissive comedy based on a stage play with Terry-Thomas as a stinker, playing a Hungarian but apparently with received pronunciation.

A young man is passed over for promotion by the bosses stupid son so he hatches a plan to steal the companies dividends. When there is a black out in New York, he has difficulty escaping and ends up sleeping with Doris Day.

Its a jolly and pretty well made film and I'm don't really understand all the negative comments. Perhaps because it's a foreign script, or because it's not dripping in gee-schucks All-American schmaltz like the other Doris Day films ?

Product placements - Kodak, The New York Times and Pan- Am. The Kaiser Group (Checker) provided the vehicles, an S series Valiant breaking down.

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Butchered, 28 January 2016

Ernest Borgnine and John Mills star in this butchering of the Ray Lawlor play about cane cutters in the off - season.

Borgnine, known at the time as the star in "McHale's Navy", is the middle aged labourer (actually about 33 years old or so in the play) past his prime and Mills is his mate.

Angela Lansbury plays herself as a widow replacing Mills' girlfriend. In the play she was more salty than high class.

In the play, "Barney" - played by Mills - was still a fairly young man (still in his mid-ish twenties).

There is an odd scene where Bubba, the young ingenue is a barmaid filling up schooners with dregs (a Scottish bar ?).

Product placements - Peters Icecream (twice), Brylcreem, Toohey Old (twice), TAA (airlines), Tooths (beer) and Bex (twice - aspirin).

No one will notice, squire, 28 January 2016

Christopher Lee is Fu Manchu and kidnaps the daughters of leading scientists in the Edwardian era in order to build a wireless transmitter that transmit power waves. He then hypnotises the women into submission (why not the scientists).

In one scene, what is clearly a pre-heterodyne wireless set he sends a message to his adversary, but then in the next scene behind it is a record player when he shows the message to his colleagues, like they changed the script halfway through.

There's also a scene where an actor turns off a noisy tap halfway through a telephone call, a car is shown whole after it has been crashed, a police constable that slips and slides on the road but recovers, a painful looking stage dive during a melee, and a flighty horse that looks like its about to run away.

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Them darn injuns !, 28 January 2016

Chips Rafferty stars in this semi-realistic fable slash western film based in the mid-north of South Australia.

A family move to a selection in South Australia together with some English immigrants, a con man and his son and a Scottish carpenter.

Lucky for them, the land has already been cleared (it would have been densely covered in mallee forest at the time, but was completely cleared by 1950). They build a log cabin in an area with not many trees but plenty of loose stones, although the plot reason for this is later revealed. They drink from metal cups but have a wooden bucket and a thatched roof (rather than roofing iron) on their house.

When trouble arises with aborigines, they decide to shoot them, this being completely illegal of course.

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Crassy !, 12 March 2015

B grade British film set (and made) in Hong Kong, although the leads are American.

The Five Dragons are a confederate involved in illegal activity in Hong Kong, when they decide to dissolve the confederate. A professor meets some young women at the pool and becomes involved.

The story is simple comic book stuff, and not particularly carefully made, but the film is livened up by many period scenes in Hong Kong and the comely Magda.

There is a song by a contemporary Japanese star called Yukari Ito. In one scene a (new) Toyota Corona turns into an (old) Morris Oxford before blowing up.

We Won't Give In !!, 1 October 2014

John Laurie stars in this sci-fi drama of the 1950s variety.

The Devil girl from Mars, wearing a suit made from ICI's new "PVC" material, with a cape, mini-skirt and kinky boots, comes from Mars to take men to repopulate a race of super-women (as they generally do).

The men resist of course - they are British - a scientist and a reporter in a "gay-look" Hillman Minx, a man on the run, and a whisky-sodden Laurie.

"She's going all blurry !" screams a woman in this film obviously adapted from a radio play, with a "giant" robot (achieved via film impositioning) and a spaceship that looks just like the impeller/motor assembly from a Hoover upright vacuum cleaner.

Devil Girls From Mars, forsooth.

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