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Let children be children
28 August 2011
This is not one of the best movies you'll ever see, neither is it the best acting you'll ever see but it is extremely hard to find another film that is as beautiful as this. Per Åhlin is somewhat of a god for me and this is his finest work without a doubt, a movie that children enjoy based solely on the purpose that they are children.

It is set in a beautiful landscape in Sweden called Jämtland, where a character called Dunderklumpen blows life into some toys because he has no one to play with, and all the character involved is out for a magical midsummer night.

I showed this movie to my students, they were 11-12 years old at the time and they usually watched kind of grow-up movies and didn't not react when I showed them other movies from my childhood, but this movie have a certain kind of ability to make even the toughest man smile simply because he wants to. They laughed and they were into the story, they saw beautiful nature and they loved all the characters. The music is also very powerful in itself.

A true gem, I recommend that you stop reading this and start watching the movie that has rocked me to my very core ever since I was five years old.
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Nobody Shall Rule!
1 June 2009
Resan Till Melonia is an early masterpiece from Per Åhlin. The Swedish readers probably recognize his other work "Dunderklumpen" or "Karl Bertil Johnsson".

The plot is simple, there are two islands, Plutonia and Melonia. Plutonia is ruled by two villains named Slug and Slagg, and Melonia is ruled by Prospero the all powerful wizard. Slug and Slagg has made Plutonia into an island made of machines, and made the children operate the machines like slaves.

One boy named Ferdinand escapes and makes the trip to Melonia, where he meets Prospero and all the other creatures that live there. Together they decide to rescue all of Ferdinands friends.

If you have seen "Dunderklumpen" you know what to expect. Pure magic. Åhlin is the real all powerful wizard. Don't let the language discourage you to watch this, I know that subtitles do exist. This is a true work of art by one of the Swedish wizards of animations.
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