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Mother saves long lost daughter, 17 November 2008

Poor Ruth Chatterton! This film is a prime example of why she left Paramount to go to Warners. She plays a Free thinking Russian who marries a stuffy British man. The family is naturally displeased and show it. They have a daughter. Ruth is indiscreet with another brit,played by Ivor Novello and is of course run out of England. Being that this is before the code she doesn't end up in the gutter but wealthy in Paris. The years fly by and the daughter now grown ends up in Paris, desperately in need of guidance. The plot and dialogue were dated even in 1931. What makes this film is the really wonderful performance by Ruth Chatterton. She makes up believe this film and plays the character of Anna almost like she is real. She is full of emotion, she makes mistakes and accepts them and accepts the lot in life she is given. It is easy to see why a young Bette Davis was in awe of her. This is a rarely seen film but one worth watching for Miss Chatterton.

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The lives of four families intertwined, 6 October 2008

What we have here is a virtually forgotten gem of a film. Several Paramount contract players mix in a blend of comedy and melodrama. Gene Raymond is in love with neighbor Frances Dee but his mother deems her unsuitable.Adrienne Allen is a former pianist who had an accident and nervous breakdown and is jealous of husband Clive Brooks' innocent friendship with Raymonds' sister Lila Lee. Charley Grapewin is Charlie Ruggles father who is at odds with daughter-in-law Mary Boland. The story is very cleverly put together as we are introduced to the neighbors and how they all affect each others lives. There is a murder trial and all of the witnesses have something to hide. The film is written very well and it all comes together very neatly. It is a shame this film hasn't been seen in recent years, I found it very enjoyable.Hopefully TCM will air it one day until then it will languish on the shelf.

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Hardworking Girl becomes Millionaire and sets out to win her man, 30 September 2008

One of the forgotten screwball comedies of the 30s, which is a shame. A wealthy man decides to change his will leaving his entire fortune to his faithful secretary rather than his foolish nephew. Of course the secretary is in love with the nephew and wants to get on the right track. The comedy ensues from the lesson she wants to teach him. Madeleine Carroll is the plain Jane secretary who sets out to win handsome Francis Leaderer. Along the way we have fun people like Misha Auer, Franklin Pangborn and Grace Bradley all contributing to the fun. The film while not in the same class as The Awful Truth or Bringing up Baby is nonetheless a fast paced comedy, attractively played and worthy of a look.