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WOW action and decent acting, 22 May 2010

So, let me start off by saying Scott Adkins is a pretty good actor and a damn good entertainer. He goes from being the partial pure fighting villain in the second to the star of the third. He copes with his hyper-extended knee very well might I say. Anyways, this movie was the best yet. The fight scenes were incredible and there was actually a decent plot. I hope there is a fourth and if there is Scott Adkins damn sure better be in it.

Way better than Tony Jaa and Ong Bak!

(I can't say better than Jackie or Lee because they're pure legacy and great BUT I can say Scott needs more roles. The guys amazing.)

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Just saw (Sold Out), 25 December 2009

I thought this was an excellent film. Many people are saying the script as well as the acting are too modern and shouldn't be portrayed that way. I believe however, this movie is great being portrayed the way it is. The point is to have a modern day Sherlock Holmes and not some 1800's London bastard. It's a heroic story. The idea is none less than "Superman" and "Spiderman", so there should be no need to drag this movie down with aged acting when we have the great Robert Downey Jr. here to give us what he does best, and that is pleasing the crowd. This guy has never disappointed me (from Air America to Iron Man).

Great action, great plot, great acting, great movie.

On a side note, speaking of hero movies I think they should remake a Flash superhero movie. Flash has always been my favorite superhero.