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If your crazy enough ....this is an epic ....., 20 January 2013

Quentin Tarantino , love him,hate him,feel whatever you want towards him ; he's a genius ..crazy gifted weird genius as both a film maker & writer.

Always in Tarantino's films you'll listen to great soundtracks , but in this one it's something else ; in a certain time you'll feel your even enjoying the opera ,great scenes along with amazing exquisite music .

Jamie Foxx,Leonardo DiCaprio,Samuel L. Jackson,Kerry Washington they were all amazing in fulfilling their roles but the screen breathes ,jumps ,loves and adores the great Christoph Waltz ... Hollywood really lost the years he spent away from it's screen .he's a true titan in this one,he's funny,smart,precise & gifted beyond words .

loved the film,music,story line,screenplay,acting,action,craziness ...

Quentin Tarantino your a magician ,a crazy unique amazing son of a gun ....

Looper (2012)
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Shallow .., 25 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this film is not what i expected at all ..mark the following ;

1. in such a city where people kill each others in the streets for one or another reasons,the city is contained by poor people and homeless ,but in the same time killing is very hard cause of the tracing (you can see someone who shots another who took his bag ). very shallow storyline everywhere in the movie ...the story f his wife and his beloved woman,the kid who grows up to be someone no one knows ''rain maker'' ,why are those people getting killed,who runs such operations,police force showed no sign at all from the technology side that they are that advanced so that they can detect bodies .

3.Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not the young Bruce Willis ..he tried to copy him but no ; you can even feels it when the 30 years were just passing by. such an advanced city you don't have any advanced weapons,you have motorcycles that can fly but you can't have pistols that are smarter than those.

5.the plot is weak,boring,you can't find a certain rhythm to it .

I didn't like it and i felt no story line nor attachment to any of the characters in it .

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Shut up ........, 20 August 2012

To all whom may even try to criticize this film i am obligated to tell them this ....

why ? cause nobody had ever dreamed of making a batman film that even comes close to Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS ,then he followed it by a masterpiece in THE DARK KNIGHT,then the end had too be great matching those two and he ended it with an epic for all ages,he sat the bar too high for every other director ..

How can you make an end this magnificent,incredible,moving,smart....what an exquisite motion picture .NOLAN created a world war batman's film,so many details and yet so little flows in it's execution.

The script is phenomenal alone makes you asking to watch it again instantly after finishing it ,Hans Zimmer's soundtrack was unbelievable like it was from outside of this planet.NOLAN'S direction was an epic..

No body matches the JOKER as a villain but this film is not about one man,not even batman himself ; it's about the people,chaos,Righteousness chaos and an idol..

Fight scenes were the best ever in a superhero film ...

Michael Caine gave his best performance in all batman's butler history,Gary Oldman was a genius,Tom Hardy was terrifying and outstanding, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was very good,Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard were both beautiful and shining..for Christian Bale ,this is his best performance of Bruce Wayne ever ..

undisputed Masterpiece ....

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Only If ......, 6 May 2012

you'll only be able to enjoy this motion picture and fully enjoys it,if you believed and processed the idea of gathering all this superheros in one film.

it's a film that contain superheros who can fly,be indestructible,turning into beasts,flying from one universe to the another and an army from out of space leaded by LOKI.

if you have no problem with this,then you'll love this film.

direction was incredible,explosive and smart.

every superstar had his time to shine in front of the camera,had his heroic moments.

Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo were amazing,they flew amazingly in this film and they were dominant.stark's charisma was all over the screen most of the time.Scarlett Johansson were sparkling,her acting resembles her beauty.

Clark Gregg is an incredible actor,who shined in his given little time.LOKI against all the heroes had a strong presence.

the movie is filled with action,it's funny.the script is well formulated and well crafted.

once you cross th barrier of fantasy you'll enjoy this film,but if you don't like Marevel comics then don't bother watching.

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Am I crazy or this is a super boring film ??, 15 April 2012

what an overrated movie.

This film failed to make any connection with me,it failed to create a bond from any kind with me.

The film is slow,had many flows in the script.

So many unrealistic details keeps appearing in this film over and over again.

The film atmosphere is meaninglessly vague,fragile and depressing. I kept telling myself that some kind of a miracle is going to appear and change what i am boringly observing but what i was waiting for never came.

There is no depth in this motion picture in any aspect,on the contrary it's too superficial and naive.

All in all i hated it.

Safe House (2012)
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Denzel Washington........., 20 February 2012

i know this film had many mistakes,many drawbacks;but a movie's strength to me is primarily reflected by the acting performances of the main and also the rest of the cast,to me the acting here was incredible.

Denzel Washington has reached a level of excellence that is unbelievable,hardly found.his body language,the look of his eyes.he is an impressive acting never doubt him in any scene,you just enjoy what he's giving you.

Ryan Reynolds was pretty good too.Daniel Espinosa's methods of directing this picture maybe controversial,but i like it.he moves with the camera,he give you the feeling of being in the middle of the action with the loud sounds of the gunshots,the accidents and the ongoing action.

the script was not great,it had flows,some of the story event were not that convincing,not that captivating but also some were pretty realistic and i like this,also Denzel and Reynolds made this film fine through their finesse.

i believe Denzel Washington and tom hanks just take the script,eat ,digest it and instantly become the characters they are performing.they are an amazing exceptional actors.

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Disaster.., 22 January 2012

why is this film made in 3D,i have no many of the films made today are introduced in 3D with no what so ever need..(only AVATAR were that much great in 3D). The story in this part is very weak.i expected a more convincing script than this one.the idea of being captivated in a frozen form and waking up after a certain amount of time is already worn out. Kate Beckinsale gives a good performance but the film and the screenplay didn't help much,at some times i felt the script was naiive. the movie's duration was very short,i felt it was an episode for television not a full movie. i expected more of this film but i didn't get what i was expecting.

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He's Holmes.....Sherlock Holmes,,,, 21 December 2011

Robert Downey Jr. is an incredible actor,you can see and believes the existence of Sherlock Holmes from his eyes...he makes this character so vivid,funny,smart & decisive simply from a diverse eyes and body motions...

normally i hate Jude law but i love his character in this he's acting..there is a true chemistry felt between him and Downey ..they make an excellent team as Holmes & Watson...

Guy Ritchie gave us his best directional work ever..this film is a directional & visual effects epic,the camera were smarter than ever catching and describing everything and even more ....

Rachel Mcadams capture the camera even in those few moments she appears in.....Jared Harris did okay but the we needed a more charismatic villain to cope with Downey....

i believe the charisma that Downey Jr. brings to this movie elevates it to the class of the elite legendary hero the bond's level ...

i adore Robert Downey Jr. he's a genius playing Holmes....

i am really hoping that i see Johney Depp as the villain vs Holmes would be something for the ages...

Real Steel (2011)
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It takes you to your childhood days........, 14 October 2011

it's a film full of movement but not full of details.the acting of Dakota Goyo is amazing,he's already a grown up actor,Hugh Jackman is v good & Evangeline Lilly made an impressive role.. what really made this film a good one is that in a way it takes you to the days of your childhood,where cartoon was our many ingredients r there,action,comedy,drama but the most important is the enthusiasm it brings 2 the table. the graphic work was v good,direction was smooth.overall a beautiful picture.

Dakota Goyo is going to be a mega star in Hollywood.he got the potential,the acting skills & the confidence to be,it's only a matter of time....

Salt (2010)
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What went wrong ?, 4 August 2010

what went wrong,this is the question that kept pumping in my head after watching this movie.

(Phillip Noyce) directed THE BONE COLLECTOR,(Kurt Wimmer)wrote STREET KINGS,(Angelina Jolie) is a mega superstar & she had a solid cast.

the film had all the elements to be totally rocking but it didn't. the script is weak & fragile that we reach a point wondering what is going on,things are not that naive & the sequence of events does not make a lot of sense.the character of SALT is not a superhero,she is not a superwoman nor a cat woman so a lot of the action & the sequence of events in the film is not acceptable nor believable. the action scenes were well directed & the visual effects were good.(Jolie) & Liev Schreiber were good. i don't know if the reason is that i just watched INCEPTION before SALT but i expected something better.

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