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This is a list of any movies I have special feelings toward. If I felt euphoric or happy when I watched it the first time, and the same the next time I watch these movies, they qualify. But, of course they are great movies. This list is subject to change a lot.
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A list of tv shows (not in any order) of tv shows I want to watch fully, and finish.
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A list for a lot of mental illnesses. It doesn't feature Bi-polar disorder, because I don't find it interesting, and its pretty common. If you've seen movies with that in there, and you want to recommend it, comment below. Anyways, I haven't seen ALL these movies, but I've been around looking for these types of movies.

Also, if there's a film I didn't mention that falls under a category, please tell me. I'll write a definition of the disorder on the first movie of the category.
Schizophrenia, Multi-personality disorder, Sociopaths, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder, Sadism, Post traumatic stress disorder, and Stockholm Syndrome.

Please tell me if I screwed anything up, or need to add something. I won't bite.
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Posters!!! The best posters I've seen, if you have a poster you like, share it.
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I know, not that many movies are on this list. But I don't necessarily remember all the movies I've seen.
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Basically a list of screenshots (that are my favorite) for movies I've seen. If you think a screenshot deserves to be on this list, please tell me. I'll probably even check out the movie and watch it.
This does include Animated Movies.
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