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The Divide (2011)
Huge fan of the genre but this one just misses the mark, 14 October 2015

I really, really like post-civilization movies. Post apocalyptic or otherwise. This one intrigued me for obvious reasons, however, there was so little character development, that I watched the entire film only to see how it ended. I felt that it could have been filmed better, more raw, more gritty, and that the characters themselves (meaning who was chosen to play each character) was not too far fetched, rather, the script needed some MAJOR tweaking. Another thing that I strongly despise is loose ends. Since I am not planning to spoil the movie, I will leave it at that. Premise: A+ Effects: Solid B Script: D Character Development: F

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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too funny. face literally hurt by the time it was over., 2 November 2011

this movie is off-the-hook funny. If you don't enjoy it you either live in a cave or under a rock. 10 out of 10 stars. And don't think this kind of drama does not happen in reality - it happens, every day. More surprising is which characters take the movie and run with it. Although the main character (the blonds) is SNL-funny in her own right, the heavy set sidekick is truly a gem in this one. NOT family friendly, but extremely funny nonetheless. One of our favorite movies in years past was Super Troopers and this movie literally plays along the smae lines (meow). I am certain they will have a sequel as this movie still has plenty of humor left on the table.

True to Form *possible spoiler*, 10 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was definitely written correctly, acted perfectly and filmed to match. It is an excellent portrayal of a superstar that could easily be referenced as Mr USA Tony Atlas or "The Rock's" father Rocky Johnson. Both were huge in the 80s and have no life now (I am sure rocky is OK but from the reality show Mr USA is *not* It is truly sad how people that make all that money, spend it, and end up living the remainder of their lives in deplorable conditions that they themselves put them in. I recall very recently a porn star that was well past her prime (I am not a fan of that genre but heard her name before) and she was found dead in her trailer. Then I saw this movie and he was in a run down trailer and could not keep up on his rent. Truly sad. A very very good movie nonetheless. You will never see this movie about a retired NFL star other than maybe Rocky Bleier because professional sports does such a good job of keeping it on the down low.