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A grittier Entourage without the cameos, 24 July 2013

I have not seen any advertisements of this series like other reviewers, but after watching the pilot episode I have to say this is the best new original series i have watched this year besides Hannibal. It takes a lot of familiar plot elements from its cable TV predecessors, and adds more to it. It's not as dark and monotonous like Homeland, but still brings the necessary suspense to it that makes this highly original series more of a dark comedy than a serial drama Jon Voight and Liev Schriber are excellent as the main roles in this series. I hope the writers can build on this interesting premise, and make it a hit TV series that it deserves to be. 8 out of 10

Deadfall (2012)
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A darker Reindeer Games, 22 November 2012

Deadfall... Probably a film most people have not seen yet, and will not get the advertising it truly deserves. This is a very hard movie to review, because there are so many different film genres mixed in a short 1:30 hour movie. Basically its a story about a heist that has gone wrong, and the different ways the people of a small town get affected by the crime and the 2 criminals(Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde). The strongest point of this film has to be the acting from Eric Bana, and Charlie Hunnam. The tension built throughout the film between the 2 leads, even though they hardly interact until the last 15 minutes, was the best part of the movie. If it was made before the reindeer games, and other similar crime films i probably would have rated it higher, but unfortunately it comes across as a little plagiaristic. I wont go into the details about the plot because that would just ruin the experience of a good, but probably one time movie. All in all I give it a 7/10.

Guild Wars 2 (2012) (VG)
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Perfect 4 former Wow players, 7 September 2012

Having recently canceled my WoW subscription, and have been anticipating this game for over a year, GW2 has finally launched. All the hype surrounding this game, and the posts saying that this is a revolutionary entry to the MMORPG genre are true. Guild Wars 2 takes all the questing, grinding, Looting boredom out, and replaces it with a fast paced fun experience. I'm playing a Charr Warrior and am still at Level 23 and still wanting more. I will probably be playing this game for more than a couple of years. In summary if you've been playing WoW or other MMO's and are freaking sick and tired of them, give this game a try its free to play and will have you hooked for a very long time.

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Well worth the ride., 8 April 2012

When I first went into watch this film, i was expecting it to be another Samuel L. Jackson Changing Lanes sequel. But a surprisingly convincing effort from the rest of the cast(Luke Wilson, Leslie Bibb), helped turn this movie into a great thriller. I haven't seen Seen SLJ play such a deep role since Black Snake Moan. In the film, Luke Wilson plays a Middle Aged man that has just lost everything, and accidentally meets Samuel L. Jackson who needs help starting his car. What starts out as a seemingly random course of events, turns out to be something much more sinister. Anyway if you watch this,I guarantee you will agree that it was well worth the ride!

Immortals (2011)
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There is actually a Greek Mythology film worse than clash of the titans..., 28 November 2011

When i watched this film i went into it with an open mind, and even tho the trailer looked like 300 mixed with clash of the titans i decided to give it a watch. If u thot Cowboys and Aliens and Red Riding Hood were the fails of this year, than you should get ready to add this film to your list. With the 80-120 million dollar budget you'd think that they could do a little better with the effects and action, instead of incorporating horrible dialogue and choppy editing. It looks like they recruited the staff of A&F to portray the "gods" and forgot to give them acting lessons. I wont get into the nitty gritty details of this film cuz the 100 plus reviews on IMDb say it all. DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM IN THE THEATERS OR AT HOME FOR THAT MATTER!!!!

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A lot like "The Tournament" and "Condemned" but way, way worse, 26 July 2010

How many movies do we have to see to get tired of the same old "everyone kills each other" clichés? This movie would have been half decent if the action scenes were better done. This film advertises itself as a comedy, but all it succeeds in accomplishing is boring us with wannabe dark humor lines, and pathetic attempts for the audience to sympathize with the characters. If you're expecting a movie that has mindless action but nonetheless still a pretty fun movie you're wasting your time! They probably shot this film with the same budget as paranormal activity! The actors that agreed to act in this debauchery should be ashamed of themselves...

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A lot like "Identity" mixed in with some "Triangle, 18 June 2010

I had no idea what this series was about but decided to start watching it from the trailers on youtube. The pilot episode really drew me in, and reminded me of the films Identity with John Cusack and Ray Liotta, and "Triangle" which most people probably haven't watched. The Story is about 7 strangers who get kidnapped from the around the States seemingly at random and get thrown together in a little town in the middle of nowhere and are under constant surveillance, kind of like a sick reality show of sorts. I'm really looking forward to whether they will throw in the whole paranormal side, kind of like Lost, or if they'll keep it Sci Fi or Conspiracy oriented. For those of you who like the whole mystery/thriller genre i definitely recommend this!

Ondine (2009)
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Reminded me of Big Fish and other amazing fairy tales!, 30 May 2010

I recently got the chance to watch this film, and i went into it not expecting much. I figured it would be some Collin Farrell movie, and prayed to God that it wouldn't be as awful as Alexander or the New World etc. The first 15 minutes or so was spent trying to figure out what these Irish/Scottish ppl were saying, but b4 long i was completely engrossed in the movie. Throughout the relatively short running time, you cannot wait to see what the truth is, and where the lines of fantasy/reality merge. I guarantee you will be in for a pleasant ride and will not be disappointed! It really reminded me of Big Fish and strangely the Two Lovers(don't know if anyone has seen that before). You might want to avoid this movie though, if you are not a fan of character studies, or dramas. Have fun!

Not a good film to watch on a Saturday nite, but still amazing!!!, 30 May 2010

I rented this movie the other night, not knowing at all what the plot was about. All i knew was that it was a film with Ben Foster in it, and i figured from the title that it would be an action movie. Of course I was completely wrong, and after i finished the film i sat on my couch for 15 minutes completely dumbfounded and speechless. The way it portrayed the high school system was so realistic, it gave me the goosebumps. I went to high school in Tokyo Japan and the schools there are almost worse than what was portrayed in the movie. In the movie you just feel for Trevor so much, and the things he has to go thru. All in All i wouldn't say that this film was depressing. I think the ending was a triumphant tale about how love and compassion can change any heart, and bring people back to happiness. So don't watch it when you want to kick back and have some beers, but do see it when you want a life lesson. It will be worth your time!

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Great, great film!, 5 May 2010

I've been reading the reviews for this amazing movie, and i still don't quite understand where all this negative feedback is coming from. We watch films all the time where there are psychotic Christians killing innocent woman and children. We watch films where Preachers and missionaries are cannibalistic racist delusionals. Then out comes a movie where the Bible actually ends up doing good to a messed up world and everyone gets all hyped up and upset saying its "religious propaganda"! Please ppl unlike most of the reviews, i enjoyed the film for the message. And i appreciate the directors for taking a stand against anti religious propaganda that is soo common these days. Anyhew if you like good action movies with a good message i suggest you watch it cuz it will leave you thinking for a long time.