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Ending kill any chace of this being a good movie, 21 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jack is somewhat interesting. It has a cool train with accordions connecting the cars. It is the 2nd film I've seen ) that features Georges Méliès as a character. The other film is Hugo, a great superior film. Jack the Ripper also makes a guest cameo trying to kill the protagonist. Although somewhat entertaining the film has serious narrative and problematic content. If a movie is recommended and aimed for children it should be void of suggestive content. It has no place in a kids film. Also it is creepy and weird but not in the good way, in say a film like Labyrinth. Also the ending kills any chance of it being a good film.

I hope I can convey this ending adequately so you don't need to sit through this picture. Or perhaps you will want to sit through it to witness it first hand. Jack has a Cuckoo-Clock heart. He goes on a series of adventures to find this girl and finds her, they sort of fall in love and he gives her the literal key to his heart. The key winds his heart so it keeps on ticking. She gets mad at him and his heart breaks. . He goes back home from the place where he was at to have his adoptive mother fix it for him. Only problem is his mum is dead. He goes out into the snow to die.

His true love realizes her mistake and goes to find him. She finds him in the snow and offers to wind his heart for him with the key he gave her. He tosses the key into the snow instead and kisses her. The scene then freezes as if somebody stopped time. He begins to climb to the sky on the snowflakes hanging lifeless in the air.

The End Really. That's where it ends.

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The Adventurs of Barabbas with special guest star Jesus, 2 April 2012

Instead of going to the theater tonight to see 'The Hunger Games' with a mob of tween girls, I stayed home with my wife to watch a religiously based film on our old fashioned non-flat TV screen. Because it is Lent I wanted to stay away from secular films if possible until this season of fasting and sacrifice was over. I choice the narrow way of Jesus films and watched 1961's 'King of Kings' with actor Jeffrey Hunter as the Word made flesh.

The movie is one of those old fashioned spectacles of biblical proportion that you just don't see made any more. It has big huge crowds, grand locations and 50's versions of ancient wardrobes. As the custom of films of the period after hiking through the desert many miles the roman legion has not broken out in a sweat and their uniforms are all neat and tidy. It is similar to a remark my mother made about a 50's film about Lewis and Clark in which even the trees looked clean.

The historical background given by the narrator in the beginning of the film gives the biblical story a interesting historical setting in which to tell this tale of the Christ. When the movie sticks with the extra-biblical happenings with the surrounding players Herod, Pilot, Pilot's wife, Barabbas, and Lucius the roman soldier it is very interesting. The actual scenes portraying Christ and his mission are the weak and disappointing aspects of this film. The reason for this is that the biblical scenes are watered down and rushed through. Scriptural passages are spread out over several scenes having characters say things long after they should have said them. Certain details are skipped that would have given the movie more of an punch and other scenes that are not part of the biblical text are added.

John the Baptist (the most bland portal of JTB put on film, give me Charlton Heston any day) preaches outside Herod's temple, Jesus is appointed a court layer and the people who wanted him arrested and killed are not seen at his trial or on the hill side taunting him. The director put so much $ on scenes such as the Romans killing the uprising of Barabbas's army they didn't even bother with the dramatic impact and possibilities of the crucifixion. In films such as Ben Hur and The Robe Jesus stands out more because he is not filmed doing things he never did in such great detail. King of Kings was more about Barabbas and the political atmosphere then it was about Jesus and his mission of building the kingdom of God. It would be better to have Jesus totally in the back ground then to rush through and rearrange the biblical account in the scenes that He is in. You would never guess from this film that this man is the son of God and that there was any deep spiritual dimension to the story.

Mind you this is not a bad film. It's just that it is not a great one either. There is a list of unique touches and interesting aspects that make it interesting to watch which I will not mention here to keep this review short and not equal to the 3 hours it takes to watch this cinematic epic from the early 60's. It is best to stick with 'The Miracle Maker', 'The Passion of the Christ', or the 1927 'King of Kings' version by 'Ten Commandments' director Cecil B DeMille for a more authentic and entertaining version of the life of Christ or 'Ben Hur' and 'The Robe' for tales of Roman oppression with action and adventure. Kings of Kings ends up tripping over its robes and hits it's face on its celluloid thrown while still managing to look good.

Courageous (2011)
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Encouragement to be Couragous, 4 March 2012

A cars salesman. Football Players. Fireman and Marriage. And now Policeman and Fatherhood. 'Courageous' is the fourth cinematic courageous outing from Sherwood Baptist Church in which it chronicles the lives of several policeman who strive to become as good of fathers as they are policemen.

As Christian cinema goes it never gets too preachy and the acting is as good as the characters they portray. There is some real suspense and some genuine laughs mixed with some moments that made my wife cry. I love movies where my wife cries as it reveals how sensitive her heart is. I also laugh at her for being a typical woman. I also love to hear her laugh as she does so with more mirth then anyone I know. It fills me with joy. A movie where my wife laughs and cries is a good criteria of how to judge the worth of a film.

A movie that encourages men to be courageous in their responsibilities to their families when there are so many fatherless children is an important message that gets underplayed in a culture that does not value the foundation of the family with its glorification of non-committal relationships. I happen to be a blessed man by having a father who was there for me and taught me how to be a decent person. I hope that when my wife and I finally do get children I will be a courageous father who sacrifices for his children.

This film will appeal mostly to faith filled Christians. But because it is not just a sappy art deprived piece of Christian film-making, I think it could appeal beyond its target demographic, to all people who enjoy a well told story with an important message.

"V" (2009)
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Watching V the re imaging is like opening your Christmas Presents at Thanksgiving, 8 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I believe that one reason people keep flocking in week after week to watch shows like 24, Heroes and Lost, is a sense of mystery. You want to find out what happens next. There is some itch in the back of your imagination that needs to be scratched. After 7 or so episodes one part of a mystery is revealed and it's exciting. This is what was done in the first V. You experienced the sense of discovery and mystery.

Imagine if you found out in the first episode of Lost that there were 'The Others' on the island and you found out the whole time travel sub-plot. Or in the first season of Heroes what Syler looked like in the first episode. Or who the current mole was on whatever season of 24 is being shown.

Mystery builds excitement.

The remake of V crams plot revelations in one episode negating mystery and any sense of suspense. It's more like a quick back story to whatever is to come.

There is some great story ideas, interesting philosophy and plot ideas that are all explained without the viewer having to suffer through several episodes to await the revelations.

I must say that the Vistor make up actually seems improved this time around. The special effects look a little better but not much greater then the original. It's good to see a Catholic priest look positive on the TV for a change. These are a few of the pluses of the show and why it didn't totally stink.

I could be wrong but I believe that the lack of suspense and mystery in the pilot will not suddenly appear in the next several episodes probably killing off the Vistors faster then the Resistance can wipe them off the earth with some anti-lizard virus.

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Don Knots goofiness, 2 December 2008

Despite the unrealistic final act that results from a pretty ordinary wacky sitcom premise, RA is able to deliver the out of orbit laughs it deserves due to comic legend and extraordinary nerdy actor, Don Knots. Leslie Nelson co-stars as a straight non-wacky non-funny man. It's interesting to see him play it straight after watching him in so many satirical and parody-type films.

It may not be the smartest comedy ever to hit the screen, but it's fun and you could stick it in your DVD player and not have to worry about what lasting effect it would leave on your young ones. It may be somewhat unrealistic but it works and is still smarter and more intelligent then a lot of kid themed flicks that are made today. You can even pick out the logical inconsistencies with your kids and make it into a educational film, while still having a fun time.

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A Western Comedy: Disney Style, 2 December 2008

For some reason I don't have a lot to say about this film other then the fact that I liked it. That is a very boring and uninteresting review. But because my goal is to actually write reviews of movies that I see and not just become a bland passive movie watcher, I summit this review for others to look upon.

Don Knots and Tim Conway are a perfect comedy due. Their both nerds in this film but Don Knots is the chief nerd in charge. They provide many wacky and comical moments to the film. But it really isn't a wacky slapstick film. It is a family comedy with a serious storyline. It is filled with touching and tender moments and has the classic storyline of a harden man who doesn't like kids and thinks only of himself only to have his heart turn gooey to the kids he's inherited by the end of the film. If that insight spoils the film for you, you haven't seen that many Disney films.

If you want a fun time in the old west with touching comedic moments, that try the 'The Apple Dumpling Gang'

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Yo Ho Ho and a Disney Bottle of Fun, 2 December 2008

'The Ends Justify the Means', is the great moralistic virtue that this Disney tale weaves. The means of this Disney film is to justify plot elements to create opportunities for wacky moments. Such as when Disney Veteran Dean Jones is cornered by some bad goons, he points his finger into gun and says 'Bang'. And the goons start to fall over. They then try to knock his fingers out of the gun position. Of course when Dean fires his imaginary gun, it is Blackbeard's ghost who is knocking the bad guys over.

Dean Jones makes any movie he is in, a lot of fun. For some reason the DVD copy I had, had a bad transfer. Maybe it was the TV. Overall despite the negatives, it was a fairly fun film. It was not as good as some Disney films, but better then others. If your into Disney films, it may be worth checking out.

This movie is Gnome Fun, 2 December 2008

The disappointing thing about the Gnome-Mobile is that it has up until the last 15 minutes of the movie, there are only two gnomes. And even they are not in it as much as you would like. Usually this would make the film suck like a lemon. But the wonderful cast make up for the disappointing lack of Gnomes. It is an environmentalist film, made before the extremists took over.

The lack of gnomes is atoned for in the end when the lone Gnome male bachelor is chased by several single and beautiful gnomes around the woods. They dip him in magic bubbles so he won't be so easy to catch. It's a fun romp around the woods. I will most likely never have a group of screaming girls running after me. Probably won't have any Gnomes chasing after me either.

There is also a great and wonderful car chase which in the end has the same result as a demolition derby. The movie is based on a 1936 book by Upton Sinclair entitled of all things, The Gnomobile. I may have to read it at some point.

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A Kids Fantasy Film without any Kids, 2 December 2008

Here is a rare film indeed. A kid oriented fantasy movie without any kids in it. How often due you see that? It is a fun movie for many reasons.

1. It takes place in Ireland. 2. It has witty and interesting dialog. It is interesting and fun to watch old-man Darby match wits with the King of the Leprechauns. They each continue to try and outwit the other. 3. It has a pre-bond Sean Connery. 4. It has really good extras on the DVD. It has a 'World of Disney' episode with some added adventures of Darby and the Leprechaun king. Walt Disney is searching for the Leprechaun so he can star in his movie. You learn some more of the myth of the Leprechaun which is Christian in origin. 5. It's a good and fun fantasy film.

The only drawback is the on screen depiction of the banshee. Its some lights and vapors. Not really convincing. But this little wisp of pre-computer effects doesn't dampen the great special effects that bring the Leprechaun's to life.

This magical movie deserves a place in your video library next to Disney's 'The Gnome Mobile.' Maybe you can pick up the book published by Sophia Press and add it to you library and read it to your kids or to yourself. You can then go and search for Leprechauns on your own. I plan on doing that so I can pay off my student loans.

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I confess, I liked this movie, 2 December 2008

Me and one other guy were the only adults in the theater without any kids. The other guy had his girlfriend. I had myself. I wonder if they thought I was some stalker out to get some kidnap some little teeny bopper.

What can I say, it is a fun film. I can picture myself in some room with a bunch of other people encircled around me, where I stand up and say, "Hi My name is Mark". " Hi Mark". " I am a fan of…. High School Musical".

It is a guilty pleasure. It shares many of the same elements as a good fantasy film. Although my High School experience was a good one, free of any major problems, most of what happens in HSM could only happen in the magical world of musicals. It would be interesting if people in real life just brook out in song. If that happen most people probably couldn't sing or dance. Would their be a accompanying soundtrack in the background? That would be freaky, cause you would want to know where it came from, unless you just passively passed it off.

Anyhow, If you liked the first two HSM, you probably will enjoy this one. It wraps up the story and ends the trilogy. I don't know how many more times you can milk out the storyline and not have it start to get sour. Of course they due this with horror movies, Sylvester Stallone 80's films, and the Mummy films.

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