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hilarious overall good comedy!
12 September 2008
Forgetting Sarah Marshall is about the journey struggling musician (Peter Bretter) takes to try and forget the beautiful Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell). Whilst this film is largely an adult comedy behind the laughs are a actually a few serious life lessons. I thought in parts this film was the laugh out loud comedy it had been portrayed as with some absolutely hilarious scenes which are so true and so many people will sympathise with. The part played by Russel Brand as Aldous Snow i think is perfect as despite being the relationship wrecker and stealing another mans girlfriend you cant help but like him, with his witty sarcastic comments and exaggerated rock star character.Overall this film surprised me as i really wasn't expecting much from it but ended up enjoying it. Its a honest fun hilarious movie with story lines many people can relate to. If your looking for a movie to make you laugh then this is the one for you!
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