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Well worth your time, 14 April 2013

This is truly a remarkable adventure game. Although it does not offer anything quite original, it incorporates and sometimes excels on other games such as Prince of Persia and Uncharted. Although those games are higher caliber, I am betting a lot that you will absolutely favor this wonderfully underrated game that did not fare too well financially, which is sad, it deserved much better. It feels like some heart went into the creation of thrilling journey that upon closer inspection, reveals more then just the sum of its parts. There is an underlying inspiration that more then a few will pick up on. This is essentially the Chinese literary classic Journey to the West redone in a different time and setting. And what a setting!! I am pretty sure that no apocalyptic vision of the future has ever had a more colorful world then this one. The background art is phenomenal and I often found myself stalling in parts just to survey and appreciate the talent that went into it. ANd speaking of talent, The honest to goodness role model, Andy Serkis, of Gollum fame, gave quite a bit of insight and production flair to the overall effect. Mr. Serkis is probably the most likable guy in the world, and it genuinely feels like people who cared made this game. I cant ask for much more then that, Liked the story, liked the gameplay, loved the graphics, and I thought the characters were very interesting. If you are looking for a rollicking good time, then what are you waiting for? Don't let this underrated gem pass you buy. The review is late, but the game is timeless.

Cliff Lake (2010)
Hunger Pangs, 6 January 2013

The fact of the matter is that, I only gave this a 9, because I wanted it to go on for a bit more. Thats the only truly disappointing part of this whole thing. I mean, you want to know what happened. Its quite gripping actually. A starving man in the woods, hiding from the inevitable. Walking Dead show is unfortunately preceding this ambitious character study about survivors desperately clinging to sanity at the end of the world. Not only is this an exercise in genuine filmmaking style, but the few actors in it have invested realism. The shame here is that in the wake of Walking Dead, it is interesting to think what might have happened with this little short, as rumor has it that it was being developed with a television series in mind. Zombie fanfare is oft imitated, seldom if ever stand alone, and because the filmmakers have not omitted emotional resonance, this horror entry stands leagues above the others. For almost 15 minutes I was absolutely riveted. There is a obvious sense of directorial style here, and as a film buff, I could not help but wonder if these people who made this might actually be the real thing. Hollywood needs talent of this caliber, and it goes without saying that I will be eagerly anticipating their next entry in the genre. Solid talent all the way around, imagine what these folks could do with a huge budget. Thanks Badfritter, keep it up.

Mass Effect (2007) (VG)
Inspiration Done Right, 30 June 2012

This game has an incredible following, but I would say that this game was made specifically for people who love the science fiction genre. Don't get me wrong, casual gamers can enjoy the merits it has to offer with no qualms, but if you are a huge fan of great science fiction, as I am, then truly, playing this game is an experience that will meet most if not all of your expectations. First of all, some folks may have a passing interest in it, and think that it is a bit boring at first. While this might be true to some extent at the beginning, staying with it for the evolving story has in my opinion been one of the more rewarding video game experiences.

I think that this is perhaps one of the best video games ever designed. It might not hold up to Call of DUtys graphics and intense action, but storywise, it blows Call of Duty away with superior ballistics. Many a night have a stayed up late trying to get one more side quest completed. It has an addictive quality to it that keeps you intrigued as to what will happen next. The dialogue is not typical cheesy video game nonsense. This game actually attempts to insert philosophy and ethics into a politically charged universe where human beings are the underlings in the galaxy, desperately trying to prove their sense of worth to an alien empire that could care less what humanity has to offer.

I must say, that the story alone was worth every penny. In fact, its priceless. Many fine moments are paved along the way. Such as getting your own ship and flying off into a mysterious galaxy for the first time. Or becoming an important member of the Galactic COuncils secret line of defense. Or making decisions that will have vast consequences later in the game.

And the planets, the moons, the places you are able to go, desolate moons in the middle of nowhere, or hostile infested worlds waiting to ensnare you in their trap. Or discovering lost spacecraft or alien ruins. It all makes you feel like you are actually a part of some spacefaring mission to another world. Long and epic, full of great situations and memorable characters.

Such as Wrex, the Krogan alien soldier who becomes a part of your team. I cant begin to tell you how fun he was to take along. There are others, but he was the most memorable to me. I hope Hollywood will not ruin the possibilities for a potential series that has the chance to be bigger then George Lucas. And indeed it is inspired by the best sources. A bit from Star Wars, Star Trek, and a handful of other sci fi themes are mixed together in a coherent whole that creates it own wonderful vision of a troubled galactic future. Realism is key here.

Some might quibble over the lack of a better combat system, or a better driving system for the land rover, and quite a few other setbacks. But I say that Bioware has developed a superior entry in the genre. Have the patience to get immersed in the game, and I assure you that it will command your attention. This is indisputable proof that video games are not a waste of time. I loved every minute of this, and couldn't wait to see what the next world would be like.

There is nothing else like it on any other video game console. I do not think this game is overrated by any means. A real treasure this, and I am eagerly looking forward to Mass Effect 2.

The stars gaze back, and they see humanity coming.

Shepard rules

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Quintessentially Perfect, 30 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is by far and away the best movie I have ever seen. It is perfect to me in every way. Acting, pacing, music, production values, story, action, direction, etc. About the only thing that might be lacking would be some sense of symbolism, or meaning, but in a movie of this caliber, who needs allegory? This is sheer entertainment at its cinematic best. You may call me extreme, hey I am a film nut, but I actually went to the theater 29 times to see this movie, something I have never done before, with the exception of The Empire Strikes Back, which I saw about ten times at the movie house. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a movie that I watch at least once a year, and it never fails to entertain. This movie is an excellent example of the right people coming together, not only from Spielberg, Lucas and Ford, but also the unsung production members who truly made this film come to life. Spielberg is such a fortunate person, as well as Lucas, to have just the right team assembled, people who work magnificently together to achieve a common goal, and the finished product shows with the combined passion of all the individuals involved. This is truly a labor of utmost love. Its amazing what inspiration can lead to. Flash Gordon led to Star Wars, and the serial cliffhangers led to Raiders. Lucas should be especially commended for being the source of it all. He improved on his inspiration 100 percent. Perhaps many of you already know that Tom Selleck was the original choice to play the lead. Under Spielbergs direction, I am quite sure he would have brought out the best in Selleck, but the decision to cast Ford in the role is a milestone in cinematic history. As a kid, this movie took me to the highest plane of existence, true film nirvana. I had died and went to Heaven. No one could have pulled it off the way Ford did. No one could have been a more perfect director then Spielberg. No one could have invented a more intriguing plot for an action movie, and no one could have written a more perfect screenplay then Mr. Lawrence Kasdan, whom they ALL owe a great debt of gratitude to for creating such engaging dialogue. It was a perfect script in every sense of the word. From the first moment to the last, is nothing but great pacing and one fine action setpiece after another. Karen Allen is the greatest heroine ever, the kind of woman who doesn't need to be rescued, but is, time and time again. This is how to write a woman's role. This is what the movies were invented for, to show us pure escapist fare that makes us forget about our lives and also where we parked the car. The kind of movie that doesn't give you time to check your watch or think about what to cook for dinner. And the best thing of all-this movie has a genuine sense of humor and charm. What else can I say about a movie that will endure forever. Forget about the sequels, though they are entertainng, this is the Holy Grail of all movies, a big screen with a great sound system is the only way to do it justice. To everyone involved in this production: BRAVO, a standing ovation that should never end.

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Outstanding, 28 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is as entertaining as they come. It is by far and away one of the few existential action movies ever made, and they only made a handful. Jack Arnold, the director and Richard Matheson make for quite a team. You can easily see Arnolds influence over great directors like Spielberg. There is some talk of remaking this movie, seems pointless, but if anybody would and could pull off a remake, it would be Spielberg. Jack Arniold was considered to be the king of the B movie monster movies and it is a title that is well earned. He always added a certain quality to his films that elevated them to a memorable status. Richard Matheson of course has always been one of the top sci fi writers, and the combination of talents here is staggering. I first saw this movie expecting a simple fantasy, but I never would have guessed that this movie had quite the psychological edge. I cannot begin to imagine that a B movie would take me out of myself and cause me to look at the world in a whole different way. It made me question life. It made me realize that one day I will die. It opened my eyes frankly, and caused me to enact the greatest theme of man: Wonder. The action is relentless. The special effects are amazing for its time. The acting is very much above average. It moved right along with zero weak spots. But above all, it was the existentialism that blew my mind. I was so caught up with the plight of the main character. This movie did a wonderful job of putting me into his situation. And that ending!!! The studios must have wanted a happy ending, but from what I understand, Jack Arnold and Richard MAtheson fought them tooth and nail to the bitter end, and won the right to one of the best endings ever in a film of this caliber. This movie is an undisputed classic. For anyone to not think so, may I humble myself and say that perhaps it is a lack of sheer imagination that prohibits one from throughly enjoying this. All I can say is Wow! I ve since seen it many times, and it never gets old. I d go so far as to say it is easily one of the best movies from the 50s. Kudos to Jack Arnold, its his best movie. Richard Mateson was at the peak of his career. Its message is universal, figure it out for yourself. They don't come any more existential then this. Such a rare treat. Go to your public library and get this movie. I am an avid movie watcher because of films like this. I struck gold watching this.

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At least once before you die, 27 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, lets not hold anything back, this movie is relentlessly sad. It takes a bit of courage to watch this movie, but it also has its monumental reward, if you can see it through. As an avid moviegoer, I must confess that human tragedy in movies rarely moves me, and that is perhaps a strange fault of mine. Typically, human setbacks do not reach my emotions for whatever odd reason. But if being human means anything to you, anything at all, then you must have the courage to watch this movie. Quite simply, it could be the best movie ever made. It will make you sad and angry, perhaps both at the same time. I was drawn into the plight of John Merick, who was , to me, one of the most inspiring individuals that has ever graced a character in any movie. Inspiring I say because of his courage and his will and his faith. This is where it meant the most, his determined faith, in the face of adversity. For example, when the doctor brought the lady to see him, John Merrick was such a gentleman to them. He offered them tea, he tried to make them feel at home, and he offered to read them the poetry of the psalms from the bible. NOW THAT truly touched me, for I thought to myself, here is a man who has literally been cast aside by God himself, a man whom God wanted nothing to do with, and yet, HE STILL HAD FAITH. HE STILL BELIEVED. I am not a God fearing man, but this meant something to me. It touched the very core of my heart. HE STILL BELIEVED, after being completely screwed by God. It was a lesson to be learned, an important one. I realized, that deep down in my own self, that if I knew this man, I would have been his best friend. There are many scenes in this movie that will test your human spirit. There are many scenes that quite frankly will be hard to get through. The depiction of mans cruelty to his fellow man is almost overpowering. But always I was drawn to his spirit, his trial to go on, his struggle to accept himself and the world he came into. Anthony Hopkins is the greatest actor of our time, who plays the doctor who befriends Merrick. The scene where he cried a single teardrop that rolled down his face is perhaps the most moving scene I have ever watched. There are many fine moments, such as the scene where the crowd follows Merrick and corners him in the bathroom, where he finallly turns to them stands up for himself as he declares to them that he is a human being. Simply put, this movie is the finest piece of craftsmanship ever made. There will be movies that will be as good, but this movie can never be surpassed. It is just my opinion, but if you have no courage inside of you whatsoever, then you are the one to be pitied, for John Merrick represents the humanity inside of us all. This movie must be seen before you die. David Lynch, (whom I cant stand) has completely changed my perception of movies, and I truly believe that to make this movie, let alone watch it is one of the most necessary human experiences. This movie should be shown to every kid in every school in every city of the world. It will most likely be a film you can only watch once, but have the courage, and the dignity to see past the sadness into a man with a true heart. If you have ever complained about your life, shame on you, see this movie.

Sad, but beautiful, so beautiful., 26 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will never forget this movie as long as I live. It was probably one of the first movies I have ever seen. From the first moments, when the ice breaks and the fox comes across to look for his mate and start a family, I was hooked. Its amazing how a documentary can manipulate you with the editing process, but I am sure things happened the way they really did. To this day, when I am explaining the scene where the black fox pup, the one who is blind, meets his fate, I cry. It NEVER fails to move me to tears. It was such a beautiful death. I am crying now writing this. I had to review this. One of the best nature movies, that will not only give you an appreciation of animals and the natural environment they live in, but the almost futile existence they share with man, who is mostly their common enemy. Mostly, I say, because there are those human beings who have endeavored to make this movie so that people like me can experience the true value of feeling like a human being. My heart really went out to this story of a fox family, and by the end, something had been taken away from me too, and substituted for a genuine awareness of the world that I live in. I must confess, with a tad bit of guilt, that I NEVER cry when human beings die in a fiction movie, it rarely moves me. But this movie, when a family member was lost or killed, I bawled like a baby. It is a wonderful thing that such a movie can move me so much. I pity the men as they are depicted in this movie, and can only fathom as an animal what a burden it must be to live ina world where human beings are not only the enemy of the environment, but their own selves as well. The saddest thing of all is to realize how intelligent man is, and how dumb he acts. This movie made me care, I loved its story, and the message is timeless. yes it is sad, but then again, one day you will die too. Remember that and live wisely.

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One of Clints most enjoyable westerns, 26 April 2012

This movie was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting perhaps a spaghetti western comedy, but what I got was an exciting plot that moved right along, with good performances from the two leads, some nice scenery, good dialogue and a great buildup to a nice climax. Shirley Mcclaine was perfectly cast, and boy did she look absolutely splendid. The scene where Clint questions her morals as a nun who shuns the physical feelings is deft and wonderfully written and acted, it was my favorite scene. The action goes from entertaining to more entertaining. Clint is simply wonderful, this was one of his best movies I thought. The chemistry between them is great. I like how the romance develops replete with some twists that you may or may not see coming. Don Siegel is such a talented director, he always seems to make movies that not only movie right along but manages to get good performances from everyone involved. We need more directors like Siegel in this day and age. The music was trademark Ennio Morricone cowboy music, he is always spot on. This is th kind of movie that they just don't make anymore, perfect entertainment for a weekend on the couch. Catch it if you can.

Real Steel (2011)
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Don't buy this movie, 23 April 2012

I am a big Hugh Jackman fan, hes not the best actor, but is the MOST likable personality in Hollywood, without a doubt. Such a grounded, perfect gentleman, an ideal format for a mans character, can t say enough positive things about him, hey, he DESERVES it, a true role model. I applaud his involvement to make something for the kids, however, this movie is definitely not for the kid in all of us. While trying not to be too critical, oh what the heck, lets just say this movie was a big LETDOWN. So much potential lost. For one thing, the robots sucked, all they did was batter each other with fists. It got boring, boring boring. Smash smash smash. The future was completely uninteresting. The relationship between him and the boy was less then emotional. I tried , tried tried to care care care. But what would have made this movie even more awesome was if it was set in a future that was actually more of a FUTURE. Like maybe setting this in the 23rd century, and having far more intricate robots that could do far more devastating things then just batter with fists. Kinda like that show on TV with the dueling robots that people make, only 200 years from now. THAT alone would have been far more interesting then a future set a few years from now. It wasn't even worthy of Disney. I so love Hugh, and I soooooooo wanted to like like like this movie. It could have been far more emotional, and I guess I expect expect expect a lot more as an avid moviegoer. Perhaps I am just too jaded jaded jaded, or perhaps this movie just sucked sucked sucked. What a waste of time time time. Then why am I writing this review? Its what you call a paradox paradox paradox. I guess I wanted to see the movie I saw in my head when I first heard about it. Save yourself the trouble. But I still love Hugh, no matter what. The worlds most perfect gentleman. Too bad, this movie could have been right up there with Star Wars, if they would have had a much more interesting future. Crap. Crap. Crap. Sigh.

Sorcerer (1977)
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A Rare kind of Action movie experience, 15 April 2010

SPOILERS This is one of those movies that demands a close second look. At first glance it seems like a unique action movie with some good performances. But upon closer inspection, this movie is almost like a minor horror movie, somewhat reminding one of The Sixth Sense, with its twisted vision of a man in hell. If one were to pay close attention to several scenes in the film, one would come away thinking that the main character played by Roy Scheider, has literally died and went to hell. From the beginning when he is involved in a car crash, what follows is a subtle, yet highly symbolic underlying theme of a man who is on a journey to the devils domain. COnsider the car crash, was Roy Scheider the only survivor, or was he indeed dead, perhaps a ghost. Consider the group that he was forced to join on their suicide mission, an assassin, a terrorist, a swindler and a gangster, all headed for the fall, and a trip to hell for their bad deeds. Consider the burning fires of the oil factory, this is where they are headed, the fires are symbolic of hell itself. Consider the crossing of the bridge in the storm. The sound of that terrifying wailing wind, the demon wind, could that have been the entrance, the gates to hell itself, there are so many slight references to the idea that this is more then what it seems. In a nutshell Sorcerer is simply brilliant, the kind of movie that they just do not make anymore.

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