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Movies that I should have watched already...duh.
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Movies that I loved to watch over and over again as a kid!
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Movies to be released in 2012 that must be seen!
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Films releasing in 2012 that I might watch.
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A list of movies that must be viewed...
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Movies from 2011 that I MIGHT try to watch at some point...
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My favorite works of the late, great Marilyn Monroe.
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Anything and everything having to do with Mel Brooks!
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The name of the list tells you what it's got going on...
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Classic fiction modified for the cinema and/or television.
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I think the name explains it all!
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Classic comic films that I can (and have) watched over and over and over and over.....
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Movies that get me in the holiday spirit.
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New TV series and movies to keep your eyes open for!
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Movies involving Woody Allen - including those watched previously as well as those to look out for!
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Movies I saw in theaters during 2011.