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There aren't Several Twists, Only One...., 15 October 2002

The only reason this movie achieved the status it did was because of the one twist it had. The whole movie is just a buildup for this same twist and that is why once it occurs, it concludes so quickly. It was a cleverely thought out TWIST. The only thing I liked about the movie was how he incorporated the set pieces in the Interrorgation Room to twist the story to suit his purposes. Actually delving into the "story" was a waste of time and pointless. I would have felt the same way if the movie was 30 minutes long and he didn't eleaborate on the story the way he did. Wether he went on for 5 hourse or 30 minutes on the actual story makes no difference to the movies climax and conclusion. This is hardly good filmaking, and isn't even great Entertainment, plus it does not have any genius behind it. What it does have is a "I would have never seen it coming" climax/twist that most people just wouldn't have figured out because hardly any clues where given in the first place. Does it require second viewing? HELL NO!!! Once the twist is known, there is nothing more to the movie, everything else is just a buildup to this.

And I think Kevin Spacey is a very mediocre actor personally. American Beauty was an excellent film, but hardly because of him. Spacey to me, has a pretty emotionless face, and only seemed to portray on screen emotion that was appropriate in the movie K-pax. He certainly did not deserve an Oscar for Usual Suspects as the movie didn't determine any real acting skills whatsoever, I mean, 75% of his time is in an office relating a story, anyone can do this...

Fight Club (1999)
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A Work of Entertaining Satire...., 15 October 2002

I remember when I first watched the film, my brother recommended it. As I watched it, my mom caught glimpses of it and thought it was trash. She saw the execessive violence as a turn off and assumed it was a perverse and blood ridden film. Then she actually watched the last third of the film, and at the end, I saw the look of disbelief in her face. She is a Medical Doctor and she understood at once one of the central themes in the movie. She, just like I and my brother, place this film as one of the top five films I have ever watched. The main theme she enjoyed in the movie was how the whole movie was an excercise in self therapy. However the theme I enjoy is hwo the commercialism of America was portrayed and how he battled this facet of society in America. His self indulgence of "the perfect living room", how he got funding for the club, and how he was able to defeat the "towers" of capitalistic society in America where truly great moments of satire in the film. There where only two flaws in the movie I saw. One was that there wasn't very good flow and cohesion in terms of the script and how it blended with the different themes. The second was the theme of rebellion and how violence in the film portrayed this theme. I am convinced that the director added it in for shock value, as it's theme is not fully explored and was too excessive in demonstrating the rage that that Generation possesed. The only relevant violent scenes where the two times he inflicted self damage on himself, once as Tyler, and once as himself. Both where an attempt to exploit the Capitalism to forward his own motives, and both scenes where excellent executions of satire.

In essence, this movie would have been just as effective without the unneccessary violence, though it is still powerful and relevant in demonstrating it's central themes.

Memento (2000)
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The plot is extremely straightforward when watched in sequence. The scenes are not in chronological order, but it is easy to piece it together. This movie is impressive in that it is really a case study about memories and how we shape our lives based on our memories. Some people take advantage of it, some use it to define who they are, while some totally disregard regard it and try to stick with the facts/written word. The main character incorporates all these facets into his life at one point or the other, and the movie shows that no one facet defines who you truly are.

What IS complicated in the movie is determining what is fact and what the main character thinks has happened or what he has conditioned himself to think occured in the past. Therein lies the complexity of the movie, and there are several clues thrown in throughout the movie, very subtle but indicative clues.

The movie does require at least a second viewing to capture the points the director is trying to make.