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seeing old friends
24 January 2009
I was there in Boulder as member of the notorious STP family. The comments made of us are really funny considering they were all made up stories just to shock people. That's what we did. Near the end of the Boulder segment is one member of the Family pretending to shot at the camera with his finger. That was an STP member named DEPUTY DAWG because he carried a cap pistol. About a month after that was taken he was found shot to death in the mountains, two bullets in the back of his head. 27 years later the sheriff of Nederland Co. confessed to the murder. They let him return to the nursing home to die. Wish they had caught him back in'72 tried convicted and executed. But justice is seldom served to those who deserve it.
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quality of animation
6 September 2008
my father,Jack Ehret, was one of the animators. I know that the quality of the animation was poor, and that really upset my dad. he would cuss and stomp around talking about cheap cartoons, not like in the old days when they moved just like real people. If he was alive today, he'd really be up in arms with this new computer animation. it doesn't take any artistic talent to do anything today, and all the old animators have gone the way of the horse and buggy. too bad, he was a proud man and felt that he had done something wonderful at one time, but progress got in the way of talent.

John Ehret

p.s. i can't draw a lick
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