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Great film. Beautifully filmed., 5 September 2008

I was intrigued from the very start. The mellow story line got more and more interesting as the film went on. The camera angles were incredible, adding depth to the characters. It was great to see the not-so-familiar locations in LA.

Jason Lew has such a distinct face that it captured my attention right away. In my opinion, his character seemed a bit subdued. I would have liked to see him show more emotion. Sonja Kinski is gorgeous in a humble way which was perfect for her character. She did a great job of not overacting her role.

As I always do when I'm interested in a movie or film, I googled a few of the people behind the scenes and it's no wonder this film is so well put together. Robert Logevall is a brilliant cinematographer. I checked out his reel on the Anonymous Content website and was very impressed! You can see that he "stretched his wings" more on this film. I highly recommend it!