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X-Men 2 (2003)
Much Better Than the First, 19 May 2003

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This could have spoilers. X2 was an amazing movie. It exceeded my expectations. Great action and special effects. Awesome story. New characters. Surprises. Toward the end, I had tears in my eyes because I knew the movie would be over soon. Shortly after that, something really sad happened and I had another reason to have tears in my eyes. Can't wait for the next one, assuming they're going to make another. This is far better than the first one because we get to see the mutants use their special gifts more.

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Not Too Bad, Not Too Good, 6 May 2003

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Possible spoilers here: I thought this was an interesting story, but I did not think the acting was very convincing. I would expect people with their lives on the line to be a little more animated than these people were. Not enough sweating for example. Everybody is so cool, as if they know everything is going to be okay. I'm afraid people in those situations wouldn't be so confident. Why with a torpedo heading toward your sub would you be so calm? We're supposed to buy that? Great lengths by the US to hide what was hidden? All this extreme dishonesty? Is the US that bad? If you had just been saved, would you be cheering that your saviors were being fired upon, or would you be a little confused? These people seemed like they were acting, which is a sign of bad acting. They seemed like they were just following a script. I think the movie depends on its star power, the thought of Russians vs. US, and the technology of nuclear subs just a little too much. This is an average movie.

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Pretty Entertaining, 5 May 2003

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This could have some spoilers in it, but do not be alarmed if it doesn't. I'm not a big wrestling fan, although I did watch wrestling back when the WWF first started out years ago. It's been a long time, but it was hard not to recognize some of the wrestlers in this movie. Some of the actors and actresses were well-known too. I have to say, this was very entertaining. You got fans who want to save their favorite wrestler and protect their favorite sport. You got a whole town in the middle of no place that loves wrestling, probably because there's little else around. You got some real wrestlers and filled arenas, and you got a bad wrestling businessman who has no problem going over the line. You got a family side story, love interests, and a big fight scene. So many things! I think it represented the enthusiasm that some fans have for wrestling, although I will admit that this took it to a bit of an extreme. Enjoyed seeing Oliver in a comedic role. It's possible that this is one of Dave's best movies. He should do as much comedy as possible. Hard not to like that smile. Not sure why McGowen likes these dark roles, and not sure that this is the best thing for her career. She could fill bright sunshine roles too. I'd accept her as a good gal, even though she dated Manson.

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A Little Slow, 5 May 2003

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Could be some spoilers, but no promises. First of all, I've seen this movie a dozen or more times. It's about angels returning in human form for a second war. There's an investigation into what's going on, led by a man who nearly became a priest. This is not a bad piece of work, but it seems to drag along at times and makes the mistake of including Catholicism.

It seems that most Bible-inspired movies involve man-made Catholic traditions. The implication from Hollywood is that Catholicism is most legitimate (because of the Church's size?), which seems so far from the truth in my opinion. Movies with man-made Catholic traditions appear to be pure fiction to me. They lack credibility in my eyes. As a Christian, I took no offense to this movie because it is as far out there as Superman.

To those who dislike this purely because it involves Christianity and the Bible, I fail to understand the complaint. Many non-Bible-inspired stories involve whole new universes, with different beliefs, values, etc. I don't hear anyone complaining about those. For example, you don't have to believe in the story behind the Lord of the Rings to enjoy the books.

Our world of about six billion people has about two billion Christians. That is 1/3 of the world's population! It's the largest religion on the planet. You should expect to see some Christian-based movies every now and then. If you don't believe any of it, treat it like you would Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or any other piece of fiction.

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Better Than New Hope, 3 May 2003

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This could have spoilers, but no promises. The first movies released weren't spectacular. If they came out today, they'd be considered second-rate. Not that they weren't something special when they were released. Sad but true. This movie, however, is first-rate today. We see Anakin's development, and we get to watch the Jedi put on a show. The romance is not bad at all. I'm sure this movie will not appeal to the purists who wish this were done in a more boring, outdated 70's or 80's style. But one cannot expect the things that impressed people then to impress people today. This is decades later after all. Have to say, I wish the machines had an older look in this and Menace. These are supposed to be set prior to the original three movies released, and yet some of the machines look far more advanced than the machines we saw in the original movies. For example, all the enemy robots look far more advanced than the bulky machines we saw in the first three movies released. Some of the ships look like they were inspired by old car styles. They were almost acceptable. Great movie.

Spider-Man (2002)
Great Movie All Around, 3 May 2003

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This could have spoilers, but I'm not making any promises. When I heard that this was going to come out, I was pretty excited. I watched the cartoons as a child. I was finally going to see a big movie. What made things even better was that Maguire and Dunst were in it. I haven't seen a bad Maguire movie yet. He just doesn't make bad movies from what I can see. The beautiful Dunst was just perfect for this movie. Hard to believe the rumors that she wasn't the first choice for the role.

When the movie came out, it didn't let me down at all. It was better than I expected. I was so impressed with the special effects. It had the green fellow on his flying board and our spider friend climbing up walls, making the abusive jocks look bad, and swinging through the city. All the while, there's stories of friendship, love, and family. The acting isn't bad at all. The story reminded me of the Superman movies in many ways. It's so much better than any Batman movie ever made. Glad it did well at the box office. Hope to see many more like it.

Grade: A

Heist (2001)
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Surprise After Surprise, 2 May 2003

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This could have some spoilers. Man this movie just seemed like another big crime story at first. Gene Hackman never really impressed me too much. This wasn't exactly on my list of "movies to see." In fact, when it came over the co-ax, I had never heard of it. But I gave it a chance. From the beginning, I was being surprised. So many surprises. They just kept on coming. Just when you think it's over and one guy has won, up pops another surprise. Best way to watch this movie is to never think you have it figured out until the credits start to roll at the end. You know? A good quality movie. I highly recommended this to the thinking man and the thoughtful woman. Hey. Go watch it or something!

Two Ninas (1999)
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Liked It, 2 May 2003

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This could have spoilers in it, but I'm not making any promises. This little movie had everybody's old Office Space buddy Ron Livingston in it as the star of the show. He alone was reason enough to watch...for me anyway. So it's about this guy who ends up meeting and dating two different women (one's shallow and the other is deep) at about the same time, and the title comes from the fact that these two women both have the name Nina. In the end, the man has to make some tough decisions. Which one is he going to stay with? Will he just dump them both? Will he tell them that he was dating more than one woman at a time?

Have to say, this sort of thing does happen in real life. People do get hurt as a result. It's part of the dating game. A lot of people date more than one person at a time. They find one that they like and wave goodbye to the rest. They aren't likely to talk about their other dates, possibly leaving the one that they end up with with the impression that there weren't any others. This can lead to problems down the road.

I like how the movie captured a common situation and gave us some funny scenes, but there were some things that I didn't like. Not sure that I approve of the casting of Amanda Peet. Not a big Peet fan, sorry to say. Furthermore, if I were in Livingston's shoes, I'd have never had any trouble deciding on one or the other. I'd have ditched Peet's character in a heartbeat. Heck, I'd have never given her any attention to begin with. She's an airhead! Livingston's character must have been an airhead to overlook that.

Watch it if you get bored, or don't. I liked it...when I was bored. Wouldn't pay to see it. Wouldn't watch it again. It's nothing special and light years away from original. Similar stories have been told, but did they have Livingston in them? Doubt it. If you like Livingston, maybe he'll be reason enough for you to watch. As I said before, he was reason enough for me. I don't regret giving this movie a chance.

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Overrated, 15 April 2003

The first time I saw this was back at the cinema when it came out. Recently, I had the opportunity to borrow the tape and see it again. So I popped it into the VCR and started watching. For some reason, I lost interest after a few minutes. I felt bad because I wanted to understand what was so great about it (I had forgotten much of the movie because I hadn't seen it in so long). I questioned whether I was in the right mood to watch it. I wasn't sure that I was being fair. So I turned it off. I turned it on another day, and again, I lost interest after a short while. Off it went until later. I continued to do this over a period of a week or two until it was over. Have to say, I'm not at all impressed. This was good for its time, but I don't think it has stood the test of time. It's nothing spectacular. The acting is nothing special. The story is a joke. This is just another overrated movie.

MASH (1970)
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Great Movie, 15 April 2003

I checked out the MASH DVD the other day. I had seen the TV series, but this was the first time I had watched the movie. Have to say, I thought it was hilarious. I loved the characters. This movie was really ahead of its time. It had an attitude that I'm not used to seeing from older movies. I think I'll go watch it again.

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