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An expensive piece of degrading tripe, 4 August 2007

One of the worst written, vulgar, rude and distasteful movies to come along in a long time. I squirmed in my chair all the way through this waste of good actors...and I only stayed because I hate wasting money. How these respected actors agreed to deliver dialogue a puppy could have written better is beyond me.....I hope they enjoy the money they made. Why does there have to be ugly finger gestures, racist humor, stereotypes, gratuitous sex references and other throw away inclusions in a movie just because the studios think they are pandering to the pulse of society? Well, there doesn't and if Michael Bay and all those other degenerative film makers think that they do, they are as much the purveyors of evil, just as much as a drug dealer is. There were so many problems with this movie, I don't have enough time to list them...I can concur though with others I've been how Shia's parents were useless, spouting masterbation references, plot holes including the fact that why Shia would carry the cube himself to the top of the building while avoiding the Decepticons when one of the Autobots or Prime could have easily done the same thing was him running around the street or how about the building when somehow he outruns a Decepticon up about 30 flights of stairs to the roof. Arrrrrgh...too many things as I said, I can't list all the problems here. The fact that people see this movie doesn't mean it's good for them. This is what is contributing to the decline of western civilization...and their denial (what a great, convenient, pull from your pocket defense) doesn't make it any less true. If the film industry is to have a responsibility to society and to kids, whom this movie leans towards, then go beyond the wallet and think....geeze, isn't a billion dollars enough for you? I compare this movie to The Cat in the Hat, another vulgar cinematic waste....basically because both that and this film are slaps in the face to the authors of the originals....the cartoon as well. I don't care if my opinion is of a minority....I've been reading other comments and I am not the only one.

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There are no morals left, 4 March 2007

I am usually tolerant of things that are on television these kind of have to be with the kind of moral-less fodder networks present for the most part (there are exceptions, but that doesn't apply here right now), but the debasing trash of the Winner has reached a new low in comedy. The subject matter (putting down Down Syndrome kids, references to antisemitism, pedophiles, O.J, molestation, and other topics that are sick, and more so that they are used in the context of comedy), the use of profanity, racism (c'mon, you've got to have heard that line about not dating black people like they were a disease), and the obvious sexual innuendos around the kids, like when at the end of the pilot he comes in and says he touched the teen girl's breast (sick) are all contributions to a decay of society to think that it's alright to laugh at that. It shows lack of talent in writing, a total absence of any creativity and more. The fact that Fox airs shows like this is an indication that they are run by baboons (no offense to real baboons) and the network's only redemption is that the Simpsons are still on the air.

Against Type (2006) (TV)
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A refreshing show, 27 February 2007

Opinions, like the ones commented here, are like a*****holes, everyone has one and mostly they just exhume ***. I saw this pilot and thought it to be a refreshing relief from the nasty, sex driven, negative sitcoms posing as family fare these days. It reminds me of the shows The Brady Bunch and Courtship of Eddie's Father with a twist. I know these shows are considered sappy by today's standards, but not by everyone. The fact that The Brady Bunch is still on the air says something about the need for these kind of shows. That the bitter, angry people don't like this is similar to the bully not knowing how to handle someone who is nice to them when they try to beat them up. I hope Against Type gets a full season order. I for one welcome the sunshine. To the other commentors, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything. The fact that the show beat out over 1000 pilots to air on the RBS Network is a wonderful statement to the quality of the show despite what the minute few naysayers feel. Good thing, people realize how valueless the rating system is...because just like most of the internet, anyone can say anything here and that's why it doesn't matter what they say.

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A show we need more of., 30 September 2004

With the state of television the way it is in this new millennium, now several years old, there is definitely a need big time for a show like this. Family, caring, kindness and love are terms that describe this show in all the best ways. The cast was perfect and Kathy Garver, as Sissy, gave a teen sweetness with just

enough cool. I wish I would have had a sister like her.

I hope the studio that has the rights to this show releases the DVD soon. And, I hope that someday, Hollywood and the Industry begins to put on more shows

like this. I not only hope this for the future of television, but with the patients running the asylum, we need to retake positive and fun television. Enough of the explicit sex, promotions of bad behavior and value bashing. I'm glad I don't ever listen to critics who these days despise anything with value, sweetness and fun. All they do is look to perpetuate the negative. It proves the statement, "those that can't do, teach and those that can't teach (or do anything), criticize." Need I say more?