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The Good Girl (2002)
Well done Jennifer
28 September 2003
Just watched The Good Girl and About Schmidt on the same night, and The Good Girl wins no problem! Well, written, well-paced, perfectly scored, and very well acted by Jennifer. Well recommended for a cosy night in.
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Time Gentlemen Please (2000–2002)
Really funny!
20 May 2003
I don't know what Teotihuacan was watching, but it obviously wasn't Time Gentlemen Please.

My wife is American and it's about the only British comdy she watches, laughs at and really enjoys. The programme has now moved on and Julia is no longer there, so any other Australians put off by Teotihuacan's comments can rest assured that they won't be cringing at her accent, not that I thought it was that bad. The strong characterisations (slutty Aussie, maloderous Drunk, still in the closet gay pervy guy, failed-at-everything landlord) and catchphrases add immensly to the humour of this thoroughly hilarious show. Perhaps it's just *too* British for Teotihuacan to understand.

Give it a try!
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