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Out with the old in with the new!!!, 30 March 2012

I think they did a great job of revamping the show. It's got a new feel to it with a lot of the old elements. It's familiar but, new and there are so many new story lines they could have with these new cast members. We are just on the cusp of finding out a little about each of them. I know many want the old Miobi back but that just isn't gonna happen and they need to forget it and embrace the new Miobi. I think once things get rolling and people get to know these new characters and what their purpose is to the story line they will love it as much as they did in past seasons. I do not think Miobi will let us down, they have put a lot into a show that they could have let go. I'm loving the new characters and haven't seen a really great fast talker like Wendy since Teri Hatcher. It's obvious she will be the comic relief of the show. Jordan will be a survivor, we can already see that and, I love that the coach has a soft side to him:) I'm ready for a new chapter in the lives of Lauren, Kayle, & Ayla!!

Young girl with prosthetics, 23 February 2011

The young actress with all the prosthetics on, did an awesome job! Very natural! Almost made me cry when she gave that speech about being a tomboy and wanting to actually play sports. She didn't "act" like a kid with a disability she played it the way it is. Real! Kudos to this young actress, Amanda Leighton she has a big career in front of her! So, many times the smaller guest roles go unnoticed, I enjoy picking out the patients that give a great performance. There are so many that have impressed me on this show. Casting doing a great job picking out the people who bring out true emotion and realism! I also love when casting let's us get a little attached to these patients by carrying one over for a couple episodes. Denny...perfect example! So, bring back the little girl with Treacher Colins Syndrome or someone else, it's fun for those of us that watch every week!!