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Act Naturally is definitely a timeless must see from a great talent, 8 June 2006

It was some time ago in Canada at a festival that I watched this movie from a guy that actually proved to be a countryman (but living in Norway) and learned his trade of efficiently telling stories by shooting many commercial clips. Act Naturally embodies every quality Dutch movie makers have never been able to achieve as no one here gets to grips with efficiency in storytelling (with perhaps Theu Boermans De Partizanen and Romeo by Rita Horst as the exception) I met Harald then and later in Amsterdam and was impressed by his realistic vision and his talent to translate that into his work the way he does here. No wonder he went stateside. Act Naturally is a truly arresting short suspense flick set in Norwegian woods that keeps you concentrated and leaves you with something interesting to think about. Very entertaining product indeed from an exceptional talent from Europe. Story, concept, timing, artwork, direction, photography, location: everything here seems to be in the right place and at the right time. Editing is excellent. This film should be Harald Zwarts ticket to international work. Frank Jansen Commissioning Editor KRO TV (retired)- The Netherlands