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My top 10 worst movies of 2012. I will be adding to the list throughout the year as more movies will be released
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My top 10 films of 2012. This is a list in progress and I will add more films as I see them throughout the year
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My top 10 films of 2011 so far. I still have a lot of films to see and a there's still a lot more to come out.
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The Top 10 worst movies of 2011 i've seen so far.
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My most anticipated movies in 2012, in no order
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Title says it all
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These are the absolute worst movies that I have ever seen!
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The movies i've seen so far in 2011 and my rating for them. This list will continue to grow as i see more. Rating System (From highest To Lowest): Better Than Sex!, Full Price!, Matinee!, Rental, Some Ole Bulls**t, *beep* You!
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My Top Ten Best movies of 2010
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My predictions and ratings for movies in 2011. Rating System (From highest to lowest): Better Than Sex, Full Price, Matinee, Rental, Some Ole Bulls**t, F**k THis Movie!
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The movies i saw in 2010 and the ratings i gave them. I will be adding more movies to this list as i see them. Rating Scale: From Highest To Lowest Better Than Sex! Full Price! Matinee! Rental Some Ole Bulls**t *beep* You
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Movie i will be seeing in 2011