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The Beacon (2009)
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Crazy plot twists for this Texas-shot horror flick, 2 November 2009

Shot mostly at the Roger's Hotel in Waxahachie, Texas (30 miles south of Dallas), this scary flick successfully made me jump... a few times. I also can usually determine the outcome of a given film, but I couldn't have guessed this one at ALL!

The plot centers around a couple who are recovering from the disappearance of their son. They relocate to the Beacon Apartments, only to find that the building appears to be haunted by a young boy (around the same age of their own son who they've lost). From the moment they move in, the wife notices strange things happening around them, but the husband is quick to brush it off. Soon, he realizes that his wife may be telling the truth, after all.

Great movie if you like this genre. I saw it at a sneak peek in Dallas and am not sure about national release. Consider joining their Facebook group so you can find out how to get the film to show in your neighborhood, if interested!

Tennessee (2008)
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Painting?, 19 February 2009

Kerrigand has exaggerated on the "beautiful painting" mumbo jumbo about this film. We saw it last night at a free screening north of Dallas. My man went with me and we both agreed: it was not a bad movie --in fact, I had VERY low expectations of Mariah Carey & co. and I was very surprised. She did a good job and the two brothers also did a good job with their characters. The acting was mostly pretty good (only a couple of scenes made me want to either hurl or giggle at the absurdity.. but many movies have a couple of scenes like this). Overall, good job.

The last 20 seconds of the movie was sub-par; I hope they change it before the release.

The main reason I was still disappointed with the film despite being pleasantly surprised by the acting was because it was a bit slow and I wasn't in the mood for a drama (I'm not usually in the mood for a drama, to be honest). And that's exactly what this is. So if you like'em a little emotional and slow (think Terms of Endearment but not quite as funny), you'll probably enjoy the movie. But if you prefer action or comedy, spare yourself.

Exit Speed (2008)
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Entertaining and funny!, 27 August 2008

Saw the big "North American Premiere" in Dallas last night at Studio Movie Grill. Lots of cast and crew were there; it was different since we don't usually have this kind of excitement in Big D.

Lea Thompson and crew did a wonderful job of keeping us entertained, but the Spanish speaking Mr. Vargas (played by Everett Sifuentes) stole the show. He was adorable and hilarious. Subtitles were not provided, but that was much of the charm.

There will be no Oscar nominations, but for a new production company getting off the ground, a cast and crew that consisted of a lot of 'no-name' actors, and limited special effects (by today's standards), the movie was very entertaining and had a lot of great lines.