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I wanted to put Park and Rec here too, but it's sadly gone away in the beginning of 2015. All the shows below are going on, even Community I hope. Other Space deserves a honorable mention too!
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as of the middle of the year 2015
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they look like they are from another century, some from the future, some from the past... some are just from the dreams or other worlds
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so, it's hard to find funding to start a project, it's hard to get it into production, but even if filming is finished and post is underway it still doesn't mean it will get finished, survive possible legal issues and see the light of the day...and even if a turmoiled project gets to some festivals, there is no guarantee it will be shown to anybody after that...
is it just me or is the film industry has gotten so much more frustrating in the last 3-4 years? even for respected masters.
I won't even menton Scorsese's Silence here, because they killed it in such an ugly way...
"Independent" producers and distributors kind of made better names for themselves in 2000s (thank you, Weinsteins and what is her name who "saved" some famous projects) only to destroy any trust for them in the beginnig of the second decade (thank you, guys behind the Silence scandal and distribs who want to buy great movies for only under 2mln).

We need more platforms like Kickstarter and more filmmakers going for crowdfunding. There will always be enough fans to start and finish many projects for our favorite authors.
Crowdfunding and independent online distribution is the only way out of this dark tunnel of current filmmaking process which is getting even darker because of this thickest filter of intermediaries between authors and their audiences
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they may become stars

Some of them seem to have genuine charm, and others are being heavily promoted and it's hard not to notice them, like emma roberts and lily collins

and for the most part they are my personal discoveries of the last couple of years
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it also includes sci-fi and others which are not totally comedies - like dramedies
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loved them from the first episode,

sadly action and AD are finished, but luckily AD is partially coming back, so excited about it!

and though I also watch suburgatory, new girl and house of lies, I can't say they are favorites, watch them out of curiosity and find them amusing maybe, and not sure if girls is a comedy...

also wish for some kind of resurrection of monty python if it's possible at all, something very much like it
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some of them are more of the same type, others almost the same face

I have noticed three major blonde and three major brunette types so far:

1. abby cornish blonde style - 48-52 - glamorous blonde - perfect standard facial features; classic hollywood divas
2. nicole kidman blondes - 60-62 - exquisite blonde - fine features; lady child
3. gemma ward blonde style -13-16 - fresh blonde - big eyes, big lips, round face - especially many of them among models - fairytale creatures
4. liv tyler brunette style -91-95- exquisitely cute brunette - fine features, almond shape eyes; elegant goddess
5. hilary swank brunette style - 57-59 - passionate brunette - kind of strong jaw, big lips; girl next door flair
6. marisa tomei brunette style - 102-105 - eccentric brunette - corky eyes, playful curls; playful danger
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ok, so some of them "should be" growing into stars, and while others are doing better, there's still hope that former will catch up with the latter as they are still very young
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these actors show lots of affection for each other behind the scenes, but are not together... maybe those are amazing friendships or just natural chemistry between them, I don't know, but something interesting is there... and it definitely translates well on screen
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their parents are still more famous actors and musicians than them, but isit for long?
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they don't have perfect features, but they are extremely sexy and handsome
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i would really want to know what happened next (((
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not only the cast, but all people around this legend...
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