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Basically some of my favorite non-horror or comedy movies. Mostly older stuff because I hate CGI with a passion. If you feel the same way, you might just like my list. I will be updating this list with new titles periodically. (hopefully anyway!) Thanks for looking!
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Lot's of horror movies are worth a watch but that's about it. This list consists of horror films I like enough to own and watch at least somewhat regularly. Not all are necessarily scary. Some are classics and some I just have a soft spot for but all are films I have enjoyed many times over the years. (or intend to) Some of you may feel a few belong on my Overrated Horror list, but these ones don't get old to me. Just my opinion obviously. Hopefully there are at least a few on the list you haven't seen and are inclined to take a chance on. (and hopefully you like them!) This list will be updated from time to time when I find new additions. Here they are in order of release.
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What do people see in these? Here's a few "horror" movies that seem to be highly recommended/regarded from several of my sources, but didn't deliver the goods in my opinion. Comments to explain why they are rated so high are welcomed!
*** Obviously these are my own opinions. If you disagree feel free to leave a message. If you can think of other overrated horror please leave a comment as well! Thanks for looking either way!
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This list consists of some of my favorite comedies from over the years. These ones never seem to get old to me. I'm sure I will feel that way about some of the newer ones eventually! Thanks for looking and comments are welcomed!