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This is not in order of what I like best. Just shows I've watched. But what I do list, I do like the show.
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There are a few. These can be ones I like or think there ok.
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I think there are a lot of beautiful actresses/singers. These ladies are great!!!!!
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Here are shows that I like to watch. There are more, but I am not adding every show I like. Hahaha. These shows are throughout the years of history. Just not whats on today. Also, none of these are in any particular order. Only one would be is The Walking Dead.
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These are people who I like a few of their movies and/or tv shows. Not in any particular order. I listed my favorite movie or tv show they starred in.
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I will add more to this list as I discovered those who have had their life taken away from them. =\
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This could be men who is current, or men from the past who is no longer with us! Also, this isn't in order from who I think is the sexiest to the least sexiest.

(There are more people. I just can't think of names right now.)
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This is a list of reality shows I love to watch. It's in no particular order. It can be anything!