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Very enjoyable, but might not hold up to multiple viewings., 22 May 2014

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Overall I had a very satisfying experience watching this film, and was able to look past some obvious flaws to enjoy it.

I just can't be the only one who thinks that the plot was overplayed. It wasn't just the recycled storyline that got to me, because it really could have worked, what got to me was how much of it fell flat. Maybe I expected more from the fantastic Mamrie and friends?

There were so many things about this movie that worked amazingly well. It had boatloads of charm and humor. Mamrie, Hannah and Grace had obvious chemistry (of course). I just feel they should have included more of what worked, and less of what didn't, e.g., the romance.

I don't think the romance worked well at all. It was too obvious and lacked any real chemistry. I got more out of watching Maxine and Chet than I did from Elise and Eli. I think they just used the romance as a crutch, when they didn't even need one at all, they had so many other things working for them.

They should have focused more on the camp, the friendship, and the comedy. Those were the things that worked fantastically, and for me, made up for the second-hand storyline.

On my first viewing I noticed the things that made me cringe, but they were more than made up for by the few perfect moments. It was the second viewing however, that got me bummed. There were so many great things about it, and it had the potential to not just be the okay feel- good movie it was. It could have been a true gem. Maybe a sequel will be?

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I am usually very judgmental about movies, and I loved it., 20 October 2012

It was a gem.

Don't let the naysayers steer you away. I haven't truly enjoyed a movie like this in a while. Give it a chance and make up your own mind. The worst that could happen is you turn it off after a few minutes.

The characters were smart, and even though it is a little predictable, it was smartly written. Great performances by Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth. I also enjoyed the strange character of Henri, and Rachel Bilson was both as ditsy and charming as you would expect.

To be honest, I didn't find a single thing about it to be unlikable. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and unique characters that will leave an impression. 10/10

"Bunheads" (2012)
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Great new show with a lot of potential., 29 May 2012

Most pilots aren't great, but when they are, you know that you have something special. Such is the case with Bunheads. While the title leaves much to be desired, the plot and characters, not to mention the acting fulfills a need for something witty and possibly touching.

After just one episode, you get a great sense of the story and who the characters are. After watching the pilot, you will want to see what happens next.

Michelle is a professional dancer whose career has taken a dip in recent years, and fails to amaze at yet another audition. Feeling low on herself and her lackluster life, she decides to marry a kind admirer.

Upon arrival at his small town, Michelle meets his mother, a dance instructor. After butting heads at first, they discover a common ground and seem to get along.

The ballet students seem to cover a great variety of what one might expect. The thin waif who has ease and skill with dancing, but not the motivation, a girl who wishes more than anything to be more graceful than her body type will allow, and another whose larger bust proves difficult (a challenge for any dancer.)

The final moments of the first episode set up the direction for which the show will take, and leave the viewer with chills.

I found it quirky and smart and I cannot wait for what lies ahead with this series.

5/5 stars.

This show rocked., 6 April 2009

I remember watching this when it was on, and I loved it. Every Tuesday I would make sure not to miss it, and any repeats, I still watched.

The hosts were quite funny, along with the other regulars like Kristen Schaal.

Most of the skits that they had were hilarious, but still relevant to music also, which was good for us music fans who watch Fuse for one reason: Music.

I thought that it was very original and before it's time.

It was truly a shame when it was canceled, and I searched the listings for weeks to see if it would come back. Oh well, the short run was a great one.

Fuesday Tuesday was by far the best thing that Fuse has offered us yet.

Maybe they could have reruns of this and other good shows that they no longer show, such as Munchies and The Whitest Kids 'U know (which still airs on IFC, thank goodness) I would love to see these things again.