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A moving masterpiece, 16 December 2005

The other reviewers have captured the essence of this beautiful film about a family searching for love, relationship, meaning. For me it was a bittersweet viewing as I am a devoted Dirk Bogarde fan, and this was his last film. Bogarde, according the the special features section of the DVD, didn't want to do the film to begin with, but changed his mine. How grateful the film audience is for his decision! I noticed his voice had changed somewhat -a bit higher in tone, perhaps because he had aged, or perhaps his characters situation in the film. Still, it was pure Bogarde, subtle, intense, utterly and completely believable always. With the addition of a beautifully written script, exquisite scenery, and the fine acting of Ms. Birkin and the supporting cast it was a delight. During the special features section Ms. Birkin was interviewed and had nothing but lovely things to say about Dirk Bogarde, his special sensitivity to her during the filming, his aid to help her through difficult scenes, etc. The film world lost one of its finest when we lost Bogarde.

Accident (1967)
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Not up to expectation -SPOILERS, 13 December 2005

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Having just viewed The Victim, Night Porter, and The Servant -all Dirk Bogarde films, I found the accident interesting but somewhat boring. Yes, the atmosphere is thick with uncomfortable people in uncomfortable situations. The dialogue is sparce. People stare. We hear thoughts. . . a whole sequence of Stephen and a former girlfriend meeting in a restaurant with very little if any dialog. And a sign in the restaurant "Eat here and keep your wife at home as a pet." Lovely. Apparently the restaurant was known for late night trysts.

The three men, Stephen, Charley, and William have the hots for Anna, although I can't imagine why. She is as warm as a piece of stone, and her acting is minimal. I wasn't prepared for the final accident. Whose? I was reminded of some of the French and Italian films of the 1960 -L'Avventura, La Notte, L'Eclisse.

I Am David (2003)
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I loved the ending!!! SPOILERS************, 21 April 2005

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SPOILERS******************** I don't know what people wanted. . . . a teary, dramatic, symphonic reunion between David and his mother? On, that would have been underwhelming. It was a perfect ending. It wasn't rushed. It was subtle, intense without being super-sentimental, understated, but profound. The music Cold Water by Damien Rice was perfect. Did you listen to it? The emotion of Damien Rice's voice layered perfectly what we saw on the screen. I thought this was a brilliant move by the director. We don't need to be beaten over the head by a drama. The fact that there were no words by either member of the cast made it all the more effective. We saw their faces, and after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

In addition it was wonderful seeing the amazing Hristo Shopov in this wonderful role as The Man, plus the additional treat of Jim Caviezel and Joan Plowright.

Shot in the Heart (2001) (TV)
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Magnificent! POSSIBLE SPOILERS, 15 April 2005

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I am a Giovanni Ribisi fan, and this film has to be one of his best. It didn't dawn on me that this was a film about THE Gary Gilmore of the 1970s. Surprise, since I wasn't really into reading newspapers back then. Contrary to other posts, there is a LOT going on in this film. Relationships are clearly defined. The Gilmore parents, Sam Shepard and Amy Madigan have a love/hate relationship. The brothers are all products of a very dysfunctional family. For the most part the plot focus on the relationship between Gary and his youngest brother Mikal. They barely know each other, but become acquainted in gut wrenching prison visits by Mikal. The prison scenes between Gary and Mikal are riveting. Using a prison phone and talking to Gary for what might be the last time Mikal (Ribisi) gives the performance of his life -it's all in the eyes as he soaks in his brother's soul and being, agonizing over what might have been. This tore me up.

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Loved them all!!!, 4 March 2005

Having just seen Dead Pool, the last of the Dirty Harry series, I have to say that I enjoyed this film as much as the other four. I don't have a favorite, I loved them all. Recently I became interested in Clint Eastwood's films and have seen a number of them including the westerns. Eastwood is an amazing guy. He has presence on the screen that is extraordinary. It's not that he is such a great actor, but I can't take my eyes off of him when he is in a scene. His face conveys such hysterical expression when he comes out with, "Swell!" or "Marvelous!" He's irreverent, gritty, rude, shoots criminals in the back, beats the sh-t out of them, antagonizes everyone, and so what. He gets the job done! I liked everyone in the cast even Patricia Clarkson and her nasal voice. Liam Neeson was great, sounding for all the world exactly like Ralph Fiennes. And the music in all five of the series was terrific -the best! What a treat!

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Brilliant!!, 21 June 2004

I missed seeing this film in the theaters, but rented the video and was astounded. The story was compelling, frightening, and gave us an insight into the life of the dark side of existence which many of us never see as a "reward" for living a life of privilege. But what of those whose choices are very limited? This film unfolds that side of life. Chitwetel Ejiofor delivered a controlled, sensitive, very believable portrayal and I sincerely hope his career continues to grow and that he receives more recognition as a truly fine actor. Matched with Audrey Tautou, the two of them were delightful in their bittersweet attraction to each other -so subtle which made it even more poignant. I was cheering for them at the end even though it was not entirely clear what the future might have in store for them. There has been enough said about the plot itself, the underside of London, the immigrants dilemma, etc. Hurrah for Ejiofor and Tautou!!!

F.T.W. (1994)
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Pure Mickey Rourke, 2 June 2004

I loved this film! It was Mickey's showcase all the way. It reminded me a bit of his role in Rumble Fish -the soft-spoken older brother dealing with a rash younger sibling. In The Last Ride the same soft-spoken character is dealing with Scarlett who is bent on self destruction. Mickey was so very cool in this film, subtle, but never dull. Watching him pull off those subtle moves is a delight to see -the guy is such a gifted actor and so underappreciated. The rest of the cast put in excellent performances including Rodney A. Grant, and Brion James. Lori Singer, who in many peoples estimation is no actress, put in a very good performance as far as I'm concerned. She displayed a wide range and was very believable. But hey, this was Mickey's film all the way. Can you tell that I positively love the guy????

Fall Time (1995)
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comedy or tragedy?, 5 April 2004

I didn't know what to think at first because there were so many nutty things going on in this juicy little film. Yea, now that I read some of the other reviews, the homoerotic thing fits. I wondered if I was imagining things, or what. All the touching, close contact,. . . is he going to kiss him?! Mickey Rourke was amazing! And he had the best lines many of which were sheer poetry/philosophy/Rourke. I was sure he wrote the script, but no. Baldwin was also in excellent form. Actually they all were. Sheryl Lee was a riot having fun with the role -almost too much fun, as the clever "girl who got away." See the film!!! Oh, and the Mom who was always baking pies -too funny. Not a word from her, but she stole the scenes from the ranting Dad.

Saved by the Light (1995) (TV)
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Good but not brilliant, 5 March 2004

This was an interesting enough story, definitely. However, it was not a good vehicle for Eric Roberts who appeared a little uncomfortable in this role. Compared to his other great accomplishments, Pope of Greenwich Village, Nature of the Beast, Runaway Train, La Cucaracha, etc., this role paled in comparison. Eric is a great talent and likes to stretch his artistic muscles, and this role just didn't give him the opportunity. The story was unusual and gave a lot of insight into the "out of body" experience. Food for thought. Nice cinematography in the "heaven" scenes. Eric's wife played a small role as the woman in the vehicle who he tries to save. I'd say this is a good film for people interested in the supernatural possibilities. Eric Roberts fans may be disappointed.

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Magnificent!!! some spoilers***, 19 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having only seen Eric Roberts in two films: Pope of Greenwich Village, and King of the Gypsies, I have to say I'm hooked!!! Why Robert isn't a star in the full sense of the word, I'll never know.

La Cucaracha was brilliant, taking "Warren" through a journey of self-discovery with a little help along the way. The use of "magical realism" made some moments in the film puzzling to Norteamericano audiences, I'm sure -like how he survived the shooting or the drowning. Suspend belief, folks! I loved the various genres: film noir, dark comedy, etc. And this was clearly Eric Robert's film. He was entirely believable from the opening scenes throughout to the end. Robert has one of those faces that conveys everything. If it's true that the eyes are the mirror of the soul then his performance confirms that belief.

The most comical lines are juxtaposed with tragic events: "Why is everybody so nuts???!" One of my favorite lines in the film.

For all Eric Robert's fans. . .this is a must!! See it!

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