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boring yet non-informative
19 September 2013
* This review is about film not about the terrible events this movie is loosely based on.

First half of the movie is collection of video clips, random scenes with flute or violin playing in background. No narrative progress, no characters. Camera work is very poor, the camera rotates frequently at most of the scenes. And endlessly people are getting shot. Instead of covering all the events the filmmaker could have shown one tragic incident - may be fictional.

In second half the movie picks up few characters and some conversation. But the emotional flute doesn't go away. The protagonist (Nana) is mostly preaching his opinion on everyone throughout the movie.
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David (I) (2013)
David from Goa is distraction and complete unnecessary
7 May 2013
Movie start with good promise and much intriguing plot. But there are useless characters in the movie like - Lara Dutta, Tabu. There are filler scenes too, which do not contribute much to the plot or protagonist's character. Background score is fresh and well suited for most of the scenes. I liked the mafia segment the best.

Bejoy made this one another formula films. He didn't stick to genre at all. I thought this was Crime, Drama, Thriller. But this had complete unnecessary comedy scenes which spoiled my complete mood. The biggest disaster was the David from Goa segment. Typical rom-com scenes, dreamy songs, filler-buster as Tabu.

Overall it was disappointing.

I had truly liked Shaitan, I think it was Anurag's touch.
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Into the Wild (2007)
boring, it insist upon itself!
4 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Film begins after 16 minutes of actual playtime. Endless voice-over, endless soundtracks, minimum useful conversations, lots of slow-motion. Multiple narrators telling the story in simple words but even with such an approach lots of details and pieces in the story are missing. Poor direction!

Cinematography was OK. The names of places are not shown which should be important part of the story as the protagonist is always on the move. Filler scenes could have been more interesting.And of course someone is always preaching things for you on how to live your life.

Btw, I have not read the book.
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I could not watch beyond 15 minutes
19 April 2012
This should be nominated in the list of best films ever made in the history of mankind. Second generation of Indian Cinema Actor at it's best. They must have paid $5 to the writer of this movie who had no idea about the shooting locations. The fictional screenplay is based on complete inaccurate places, culture and people. OK, giving him liberty of fiction to write anything he likes - what about the am-mature direction and editing. The protagonist has to go checkout nightlife in Istanbul and without doubt he dances and sings a patriotic song. Just like Manoj Kumar in older days.

I had to close my window the moment Vivek Oberai showed up in the scene. Right, the abandoned son of supporting actor in 1980s. He certainly deserves to be an extra in the films. Zayad Khan (son of Sanjay Khan? another wannabe actor of 80s) who is also mistaken as Bollywood's answer to Tom Cruise. I must appreciate his consistent expression through out the 15 minutes.
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Another Mumbai metro flick
11 March 2010
Not up to the mark by Sudhir Mishra. Who has got good talent. He needs to leave all the star-sons first and come up with characters not Heros For example, Soha, Neil-Nitin-Mukesh-blah-blah.

Concept on Mumbai is ordinary, some scenes seems repeat. Too much light is clearly visible in many scenes. Item number, full length songs is not what I expect from Sudhir. No proper characterization because of too many of them. Plots seems to be ending badly, some stories are being shown parallel without any connection.

This tale is being told by a teenager boy's perspective. He is working with as road-side tea seller. He is acquainted to his customers and boss in the city. However, the story goes beyond his direct connections. He is tempted to cooperate in a stealing, because he wants to go to Dubai. I liked the part where the media spoiling someone's private life without consent. Finally, high pitch voice of Sukhwinder is annoying.
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Vanilla Sky (2001)
Gripping cinematic experience
26 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
People tend to dislike this movie because of Tom ? Well, in my opinion this is real good story. A smooth, lovely thought in anyone's mind floats like beautiful dream or heaven. But what if the dream catches a glitch ? And thats all this movie is about.

The protagonist is rich, he is adored by many, confident about his looks. He goes through a very bad event in his life. For which he is partially responsible for. He then thinks that it was his mistake and how could have he avoided it ... But just big accident.

Tom plays the character very nicely in two different phases of his life. One a happy, confident man and other as frustrated, emotionally broken. Cameron and Penelope's performance is good too. Cinematography is great for all scenes and situations.

Most of the tracks works well for me. Ending is sad though satisfying, when story takes 180.
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Gulaal (2009)
26 February 2010
Nice thrilling, dark humored, fictional cinematic experience. This piece of fiction tries to cover politics of power. Director picks up a small concept of college-election to demonstrate his criticism over present political ideologies.

Good work even on small things. Like Prithvi bana, he is big fan of John Lennon. His sarcastic poetry is really cool. The place where Dilip and his roommate stays. Wall posters of Che Guavara, Bob marley. Hello-there = Hell-here. The bar is best concept I have ever seen. Democracy Lager beer, Capitalist Rum, Putin Vodka, Communist Manifesto whiskey- All these are shown as alcohol labels.

Ransa is damn good character. K K Menon is perfect in his role as usual. Both Jesse and Ayesha's character gives serious note to this movie. Director's treatment to all characters is very fair.

Criticism: The movie was not well promoted. Poster and trailer is misleading. Initially I avoided this movie just because I got an impression as any regular concept. I think this is begging of Quentine category of Indian cinema. Full of dark side and sarcasm.
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Dev.D (2009)
good one Anurag
26 February 2010
Original piece based on contemporary issues and scandals. Covers lot of present stuff. This is modern devdas of 2009!. It has nice portray of all characters and played by most of them. Writer has taken concepts from various news-headlines and makes references to them in scenes too.

Well, in Indian context the review is as follows: This is not a love story of 1960s anymore. The couple's breakoff is shown like any ordinary and real, then protagonist's emotional give up. Spoiler: He accepts the girl who is professional CSW, though she sleeps with many men. However, he couldn't accept the so-called homely girl, who had one sexual relationship in past! So true. Plot's flow is perfect, shown in three parts.

I reduce my points on musical part of the movie. There are too much musical tracks in it. Well, the plot moves on during the tracks as well, but still. This brings lack of drama for characters. I quite dislike the movies, except they are "musical"( typical rom-com category with lot of tracks). May be this is done to add commercial value to the movie.
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Dil Dosti Etc (2007)
very good indeed
15 January 2010
True, its pure reality. This movie shows the exacts things in today's teen life / college. It has mixed feelings, sex, violence, politics, prostitution ETC. The college life, for rich students its about exploring life and girls for the poor ones its about trying to establish the power, taste the power. Two characters in the movie follow this motive, Apurva is rich and polished, he smokes bidi, visit prostitutes on daily basis, try to make out with girls, try to get laid with anyone, He has less attention towards the college, study, leadership. On the other hand, Sanjay is more focused an middle class from Bihar, tries to be popular among boys, shows & grabs the power like a gangster in college. He has no interest towards girls, sex or prostitution.

Two has different emotional sensitivity. Apurv is not emotionally attached to family or anyone. Doesn't show sensitivity towards any of it. On the contrary Sanjay show family values and attachment towards family, friends and girlfriend. Also he is sensitive about it.

Watch it for Indian college youngster's situation. Nice detailing of Delhi's life, if you are familiar with that city you would more enjoy.
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