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Humor and intelligence wrapped up in pig-tales, 8 May 2012

First of all: I can't believe that this show hasn't got higher ratings. This is just ridiculous.

Nostalgia Chick is a spin-of of The Nostalgia Critic and is part of the Channel Awesome team. NChick has developed a different style than the NC, which is more interesting than just going through a movie chronologically and pointing out the ridiculousness on screen. NChick did this in the beginning but has introduced a level of analysis to the show – that makes you feel like you're getting more out of it than a laugh. It has a nice balance between seriousness and comedy, the latter has improved a lot after including Lindsay's friends; Nella and Elisa. One of my favorite moments is in the review of a My Little Pony movie – which in itself would make you want to bang your head against the wall – but gets absolutely epic combined with Nella playing with her old My Little Pony.

Having watched a lot of Channel Awesome-contributors lately, I'm really getting to appreciate the over-all quality of this show - especially after watching The Nostalgia Critic. Yes, he's really funny, but his show has a rather monotone form. You always knows what's going to happen; yelling in frustration, drinking, shooting at the screen etc. With NChick You never quite know what's going to happen and it makes the show feel much fresher than others. Not to mention her on-screen presence which never turns awkward – unless David Bowie is in sight.