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Wayne's Ripping Adventure/Meet Eubie's Cousin....Episode Synopsis, 5 September 2006

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*********************** SPOILERS ALERT *****************************


Hero= Tailor

Gnome = Waynes Room at end

Twinkle opens by telling everyone how she is going to dance tonight at her recital. Its only for family members so the other Higgly Kids can't go. Twinkle and Wayne both have to go inside to get changed and get ready. Waynes mom tells him not to ruin his good clothes because he has to be dressed nice. After changing and ogling himself in the mirror, he hears the other Higgly Kids playing outside. He goes out to show them how nice he looks and gets involved in playing Higgly Disc. When Pizza Guy throws a long toss to Wayne, he trips and rips his pants. Wayne then goes into a jazz sounding song singing how he has the "Ripped pants cant go blues" (one of my favorite Higgly Town songs). Twinkle comes out and all the Kids switch bottoms, but she eventually finds out its Wayne who ripped his pants. They try different things to cover his bottom (A sweater, acorn barrel, and trash can) but nothing looks right. They decide they need help from someone special. The tailor comes in singing about how he can help. He sews up Waynes pants and all is well. Twinkle gets so excited she leaps around Waynes room. She tripped over the Garden Gnome and almost falls and rips her tutu but Waynes catches her to save the day.

*********************** SPOILERS ALERT *****************************


Hero= Playground Monitor

Gnome = Higgly Biggly City

Billboard The episode starts with Wayne, Twinkle, Kip, and Fran going to Eubies house to meet his Cousin Jax who is visiting from Higgly Biggly City. Eubie said they had to look for him and after a little bit of searching they give up and Jax hops out of Eubies uncle. They barrage him with questions about himself thinking hes different that other from Higgly Town. After they find out he has never been to Higgly town before, they decide to take him around town to show him around. The Higgly Kids soon find out that Higgly Biggly City has mail carriers, street crossing guards, and gardners. Jax then tells them how the City is sort of the same, but things are bigger, faster and more. That leads into a music interlude about city life. They run into Pizza guy who tells them of the new cork screw slide at the school park. All the kids go down there and Jax is the first to go up because all the Higgly Kids are all intimidated by it and think Jax would think its a piece of cake being from the city. When he gets to the top he freezes with panic and cant go down the slide and the stairs. The higgly kids try standing on each other to reach him to bring him down but they are too short. They can't coax him down with food either. They decide they need someone special. The playground monitor climbs up the ladder and slides down with Jax. Jax then realizes how fun it is and goes up it again and all the Higgly kids follow him.

Twinkle's Masterpiece/The Egg-cellent Adventue.....Episode Synopsis, 5 September 2006

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*********************** SPOILERS ALERT *****************************


Hero= Seeing Eye Dog

Gnome = decorated and colorfully painted sculpture in Art Studio

Twinkles mom gives all the Higgly Kids a surprise when she takes them to her friend Nikkis house for free art lessons. They get there and find out she is blind. Nikki tells them of all the ways to create art and how you don't need sight. Everyone makes pieces of art and Twinkle makes a pretty angel for her mom. Twinkles mom came to pick them up before it was down. The art was passed between the different higgly kids to hide and Eubie ended up hiding it in Nikki's house. They call Nikki to bring it over and she depends on her seeing eye dog (this episodes Higgly Town Hero)

*********************** SPOILERS ALERT *****************************


Hero= Eubies Granpa Crank (chicken farmer)

Gnome = There was none.

Uncle Lemmo surprises the kids by leading them to his new retro diner. The waitress gives them a comprehensive list of the menu items all containing eggs. When the kids order, the waitress relays the following orders in slang :::::: Kip= 1 egg with bacon = Break one and throw on 2 logs ::::::Twinkle= 2 eggs scrambled= Break 2 and wrack em :::::::Eubie=3 eggs, 2 donuts, tall glass of OJ= Break 3 and toss em 2 life preserves and add a tall glass of sunshine. Uncle Lemmo and the waitress go into a song and dance about the different ways to say breakfast foods. When it ends Wayne asks her to "Flop 2 put them on a raft and don't forget the shaky stuff". She says OK that will be 2 friends eggs on toast with jelly. When Uncle Lemmo goes to cook the food he finds out he is out of eggs. The kids look in their fridge at home, grocery store, and egg juggling clown but can not find eggs anywhere. They finally ask for the help of someone special. Thats when its revealed the Higgly Town Hero is Eubies Grandpa Crank. Hes a chicken farmer and brings lots of cartons to Uncle Lemmo. The kids orders finally get delivered and we found out that Fran had ordered a Stack of patches with extra tree sap (pancakes with extra syrup).

Weather or Not/Green in the Gills.... Episodes, 4 September 2006

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*********************SPOILERS ALERT*********************************

Weather or Not:

This episode centers around Fran. You see her running around frantically trying to collect acorns for the winter. She tells the Higgly kids that its "Acorn Day" and goes into song and dance about the Acorn day beginnings. A mighty wind on top of Higgly Hill gusts and blows her full Acorn Day barrel down the hill and crushes into a tree. The only way the kids can cheer up Fran is by finding a new barrel. Since one of the pride and joys for Acorn Day is a beautifully decorated barrel, the higgly kids paint and decorate the new barrel. Upon presentation to Fran, it gets rained on and the paint runs off the freshly painted barrel. They turn to their trusty Higgly Town Hero (Weather Forecaster in this episode) to let them know what they have in store. This way they can redecorate and know it wont rain

Green in the Gills:

The scene opens with Kip being sick and his friends are playing outside. Kip almost immediately gets better and goes to play with his friends outside. Kip then realizes his mom is sick and starts feeling sad for her. Since shes always been there for him, He wants to do something nice for her. His friends and him come up with a plan to paint a picture of a house on a "Get Well" card. She sells houses and Kip feels this would be the best thing to make. Then its suggested to have a sun, tree, and monkeys. The trouble they run into is when they goto paint the leaves on the tree and realize they have no green paint. The Higgly Town Hero in this episode, Painter, comes to the rescue. He goes into a musical interlude about how to mix colors to get a new color. They make green paint and finish the painting. They present the card to Kips mom and she feels a lot happier.