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Book fans: Watch this movie with an open mind, 24 December 2012

I went into this movie expecting perfection because the guy who wrote the book would be writing the screenplay AND directing it. I'm not going to lie-I was disappointed to a certain extent. I'm one of those people who is crazy about books and if the book doesn't match the movie it bothers me. HOWEVER, I've come to appreciate this movie for what it is as a completely separate work. There were some important parts in the book that didn't make it to the movie and some that were glossed over that I feel shouldn't have been put on the back burner. With that being said, I know how difficult it can be to transfer everything that happens in a book to the screen without it being three hours long. So I will say this...

The actors did a phenomenal job-all of them. I didn't once cringe at certain moments that could have been easily over the top. They handled it well. And Logan Lerman who plays It was like the character walked right out of the book and on to the screen. I was very impressed. Emma Watson and Ezra Miller as Sam and Patrick were great in their roles as well. What I liked the most was how this had an indie feel to it that Hollywood rarely does. Nothing about it felt forced or cliché. Probably has to do with Chbosky having control of everything. Great job, man. Great job.

Manic (2001)
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Wow, 2 January 2010

What I like about this film is that it doesn't try to be overly optimistic in order to make you believe that everyone turns out alright. This particular formula of a bunch of teenagers in a psychiatric ward may have been used many times before in other films, but this one leaves me with the greatest impression. Yes, everyone has difficult problems to get through in their lives, but it's how certain people deal with them that makes them end up in situations like this. So many things discussed by the group and even the counselor ring true.

It's no surprise that extras were actual young people who've been in psychiatric care sometime in their lives. Even so, Gordon-Levitt does a phenomenal job of being someone who struggles deeply with his emotions and his past.

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No, this just will not do, 2 August 2009

I suppose anyone who has never read the books can enjoy this show..but my question is how can anyone overlook all the terrible acting and the really overdrawn accents? Anna Paquin's is the worst. She makes it that much harder to watch this show.

At first I thought they were going to stick close to the books, but no, they've completely screwed up the sequence of events that are supposed to take place. I was actually looking forward to seeing this series and was extremely disappointed.

It may have taken a lot to pull off and transfer all of the supernatural elements from the book to the screen but it seems as though they didn't even try. It almost looks like a high school play.

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Very touching, realistic dramedy, 24 July 2009

I can honestly say that I haven't seen as good a movie as this in a long time. Most of the characters you can relate to in some kind of way or you may possibly know someone who is similar to them.

This movie was definitely advertised wrong; it seemed as though it was going to be a crude but funny comedy like superbad only there was a hell of a lot more seriousness and romance involved.

Kristen Stewart who plays Em Lewin does a fantastic job of showing multiple emotions in a single expression. Anyone who claims she can't act must not have seen this.

Jesse Eisenburg playing James also does very well in being one of those smart, funny, intellectual types who at the same time doesn't talk down to people in a condescending way.

And may I say bravo to Bill Hader and Kristen Wigg who had just the right comedic timing. Martin Starr also did surprisingly well as someone who knew where his place was in the world.

Adventureland has the right balance of drama and comedy so you're never left feeling bored. This movie will continue to be one of my favorites probably for years to come.

Twilight (2008/I)
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pretty good for what they had to work with, 13 March 2009

I am a huge twilight fan and I must say that while it's not the greatest movie in the world with some of the parts being a little over dramatic and cheesy, it still did pretty well. Many people who haven't read the books don't understand why Edward acts as he does, so they may think Pattinson overacted his part but I think he did it just right. The cast they picked for the characters were well chosen..I can't say I'm disappointed with any of them and kristen stewart plays the perfect bella..just how I imagined bella to be. Overall pretty good with some scenes being corny but what romance, especially one involving a vampire, isn't going to be from time to time? And of course it's true that most movies based on a book almost never measure up to it because it's limited, so it is difficult to compare.

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I love her!!!, 10 November 2008

Thank God for Judge Judy! I have to deal with idiots on a consistent basis and the fact that she gets to speak her mind and tell it like it is...what a relief! She is pretty strict and I can tell she's a conservative..not that it makes me like her any less but she's a no nonsense kind of woman.

There are three rules to help win a person's case and most people who go on her show don't seem to understand..if they watch her show and don't know this then they must really be morons. 1.) Do not talk when she talks 2.) Do not raise your hand to say something 3.) Do not LIE or you will be called an idiot and your case will most likely be thrown out

People tend to criticize Judy for being too harsh but I can sympathize with her because after listening to so many stories where trashy people lie or are just plain greedy for no reason it can be a bit irritating.

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terrible. just terrible., 10 October 2008

Why? Why? Why tbs have you chosen to allow this awful show to be on air? This is probably the worst show on television next to the bill engvall show- and I'm including all those ridiculously fake "reality" shows.

Why do people think it's funny to portray black people as the stereotypical annoying type? Hasn't anyone learned their lesson before that it's just not funny?! Look at The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air..why were they successful? Because you can actually identify with the people on those shows where as "tyler perry's house of payne" makes you not care about any of the is just absolutely awful.

I really wish I could give this show a ZERO because it doesn't even deserve a one.

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Perfect stoner movie, 12 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seth Rogan has done it again. But who I really liked was james franco. It just wouldn't have been the same without him. Who knew he could play the perfect pothead?

I literally laughed out loud during several parts of the movie which is very rare for me..I usually can only laugh on the inside. This movie is basically about a pothead and pot dealer who are always at the wrong place at the wrong time. A lot of this movie doesn't even seem plausible but still managed to impress with me with its laughable stupidity. This will be marked down in history as another classic stoner movie.

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What will they think of next????, 11 August 2008

This show is pretty sad to say the least. This is what America has come to.

It seems as though they're running out of ideas. I really hate to think that this is the image we portray to the outside world: spoiled materialistic, fake, silicone-based people whose only contribution to society is causing more melanoma and the popping of brain cells.

How can anyone watch this garbage? beats me, but like most "reality" shows it's known to be addicting even if it is meaningless, probably because people are so bored with their own lives that they feel the need to watch someone else's so-called life that is most likely script.

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was laguna beach not enough?.., 11 August 2008

While trying to watch an episode of the hills, i kept finding myself getting distracted by my cat chasing his tail. After all, watching my cat chase his tail was much more entertaining.

This show is so obviously scripted it's not even funny to call this a reality show. Why doesn't MTV just give it up and tell the truth. I guess that would actually mean admitting that these people's lives aren't that interesting unless a little bit of lines are thrown in there because let's be honest- how much fun could it be to actually watch people from their day to day lives? I really am waiting and hoping for mtv to shut down because they keep coming up with one lame thing after another and it has nothing to do with music like it had originally intended.

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