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Hanger (2009) (V)
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A Film That Reeks Of Desperation, 3 August 2009

It becomes clear from the very beginning that this film has nothing to offer. The entire story is just one giant pathetic cry for attention. Obviously trying to appeal to audiences who love all things sick and twisted, Hanger desperately tries to be offensive and controversial. And in this aspect the movie fails miserably. I love all things over the top and I did not find Hanger to be offensive or disturbing in the slightest bit. In fact I found this movie to be an insult to the intelligence of fans of disturbing entertainment. You have to do more than just bring up touchy subjects and expect everyone to squirm. Putting a decent story behind it would be a good start. And spend the extra cash to get a capable group of actors together for Christ's sake. Where did they even find a camera that produces such poor video? Hanger is an example of low quality horror at it's worst. Such a disappointment. Especially after the directors previous film Gutterballs turned out to be so good.

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What we have all been waiting for...., 6 May 2009

Because, you know...Alone in the Dark 1 was such a great film and all. Was it really necessary to make an even worse sequel to an already horrible film? This one is shockingly good at being completely worthless. The special effects were a complete mess. The acting was very hit or miss (some did a fairly decent job however it's not worth sticking up for them as they agreed to work on this filth). The story is all over the place. I've never seen a movie that felt like those involved realized nothing good was going to come of it so they just gave up and threw together what had been done and submitted it as a finished product. Now I have.

Far Cry (2008)
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Having nothing to do with the story it is based on..., 6 May 2009

I was actually fairly surprised to find out a movie based on the Far Cry game had been created. The story here is not something I would consider to be a strong point in the game universe. No worries though as in typical Boll fashion the story in the movie has very little to do with the game it is based on. Now I understand that certain liberties need to be taken to make a transfer from one form of media to another but it seems like he really just doesn't even try to make a connection. Not only that but the acting and action sequences are so corny it almost makes you feel like the whole project was one big joke. It has been said a million times before but why couldn't someone more talented pick up the video game rights to create a movie????

Disturbed (2009) (V)
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A low budget gem, 11 April 2009

First, a warning: Disturbed appears to be one of the lowest budget films I've ever seen actually distributed. This first becomes apparent before the movie begins when the opening credits reveal that half of the cast is related. If you are not someone who can be patient with the inherent flaws that come along with a no-budget film then you should just move right along. Having said that...if your still with me, this film is actually not half bad. The movie harbors a fairly strong story and I can honestly admit that it never lost my interest. The acting is better than you would expect and the dialogue outshines that of most larger budget films. Someone who actually appears to know how young people think/act may have just entered the film world? I'd love to see what this group could do with a little more money backing them. As is, the film struggles with MANY visual glitches and poor volume levels. One I'd recommend only to pure low budget film fans. -PGDGM-

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Simply put: AWFUL, 9 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, this movie sounded interesting enough at least. A few uniquely shot visually askew scenes were appealing to the eye. Other than that this film was a complete train wreck. The video quality rivaled that of a poorly shot home movie. The story felt desperate to be unique and tried just a little too hard which only proved to counter-act the feel it was going for. This whole project came across as a hyper self indulgent experiment for the writer-actor-director October Kingsley. I think she honestly thought she was sexy in this movie *shivers*. The acting abilities of Kingsley and most others involved was nothing short of atrocious. All I can say is avoid this one at all costs. -PGDGM-

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I had no idea a film could be THIS entertaining., 12 January 2009

Hands down Repo! is the most entertaining film I can recall ever watching. A bold statement I know but man is this film fun to experience. Decorated with a beautifully dark, Gothic, and gruesome atmosphere this film is visually stunning. The music at first felt a little forced but perhaps that's because I'm just not well acquainted with musicals. Having said that the music turned out to be one of my favorite aspects of the film. The songs are powerful, clever, and very well written. Each number more catchy than the last. I am writing this review just days before the DVD is scheduled to release and although there is shockingly little buzz surrounding it's release, I predict Repo! will become wildly popular with a strong cult following. I'll be a strong supporter and recommend it to anyone I know. Movies are meant to entertain and this little film just set the standard up to unthinkable heights. ~PGDGM~

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A fun and interesting horror flick., 8 January 2009

By no means groundbreaking, however The Cycle still manages to be a somewhat tense and rather entertaining film. The story is interesting and changes up enough to remain fresh all the way through. The acting was on the mark (even the over-actors you can't help but like) and the action did well to keep you on edge. The death scenes would have benefited from a little more attention as they are a bit on the tame side and over too quickly. Overall I don't see the film as being something that will stick with you long after viewing however it does provide for an entertaining viewing. I would recommend giving it a chance.

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Could have been truly terrifying..., 8 January 2009

This type of film is not new or unique however I have yet to see one with this level of detail and creativity put into it. Given a higher budget I think this could have possibly been a truly horrifying experience. As it stands however it is simply too flawed. The handi-cam footage is laughable when it is not annoyingly dark or shaky. The gore is disappointingly tame. The biggest flaw however lays within the acting. To pull off a film like this you must be careful to recruit actors talented enough to nail their part. Sadly too many of them miss their mark which all but kills the documentary feel the creators were going for. I would rate the story/idea a TEN but the execution and presentation a THREE or FOUR. ~PGDGM~

Boot Camp (2008)
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Bumpy start, Brutal finish, 17 December 2008

A little thrown off by the "excessiveness" in the beginning of this film I was pleased to see the pace quickly changed into an intriguingly heart wrenching and fist clenching experience. Pulling no punches in exposing the cruelty that exists in these rehabilitation centers you frequently find yourself a little uneasy with this films content (especially upon remembering that this was based on true events). A lot of content is crammed into this sole title as the story is a melting pot of drama, action, and even a relatively strong love story. Not a dull moment is to be found within this running time. The visuals compliment the story well with a beautiful setting and equally stunning cast.

100 Feet (2008)
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Tripping At The Finish Line..., 17 December 2008

100 feet is an openly aggressive film that does well to keep your pulse pounding all the way up to the flat line ending. I enjoyed the idea behind the story and for the most part felt as though it was well portrayed. Several times you find yourself having to stretch your imagination in order to play along but nothing I would consider a deal breaker. I highly appreciated the amount of time and attention spent on the gore effects. On the other side of that coin a little more time and effort put into actually frightening the viewer would have been well received. Sadly this is a film that would have ranked much higher had the ending not brought the momentum to a stand-still. As is, still a decent flick.

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