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One of the funniest men in Britain. If not , the funniest., 12 August 2008

Hilerious. Alan Carr as always, shows that hes one of the funniest British comedians alive. A truly wonderful show that just keeps you waiting for the next bellyaching joke, which he provides , over and over again. One of the reasons hes so popular is from he's very up to date sense of humour , which fits all ages. His naughty sides which usually are always taken up in a comedian, for sometimes being patronising, or frowned upon are gone un-noticed , which makes him much the innocent performer. Modern observations of Britain today and much about his life. I don't know if it would amuse people world wide, but for the British Public he is simply at his best.

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I don't think they'll be making another series, 12 August 2008

I think there main hope when they created this programme, was for it to be a big late night hit, that would be a lovely, easy watch to end the day. Now , i wouldn't say ' far from it ' but i would say , not as we hoped or what they hoped.

I think Jason Manford is a funny person , appearing as a regular on ' 8 out of 10 cats ' etc , and always amuses me. But the Tonightly Script ,makes him sound like a cheap Joke teller. Talks about the news highlights of the day , and brings comedy into every aspect. Sometimes becomes a bit of gruelling watch and at times i reckon the team are just praying for bits to go well. It all seems a slightly bit desperate.

If you love Al - You'll probably love this, 11 August 2008

What i like about this man's stand up is that besides he's routine, 45% of the rest, is him talking to his audience using hes improvisation skills and quick witted humour. A quality which many comedians don't seem to have or just don't use. He talks about a variety of subjects which touch the Everyday British Humour , and uses the same pub-funny feel with every joke and act.

He has hes audience under control at every point , and brings the same cheekiness along that everyone loves about Al. Therefore, he's same as he is on television - bouncing off every moment and situation , by adding a smart joke at any chance.