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"Cuffy" (1983)
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The Origin of the name "CUFFY", 10 August 2008

I am an American of West Indian background. Every person whose name (last name) is the exact same as my-own,is somehow related to me. I'm curious to know the earliest known origin of the last name "CUFFY". Was it an assigned name, a chosen one, or does the name have some significance? I'd really like to hear from some of the CUFFYS in the UK, I understand that there are many over there. Looking forward to hearing from you! I was glad to hear about the Television Series 'CUFFY'. It gave me an opportunity to ask questions that perplexed me for years. I understand that your series was a comedy; but even comedies are often loosely based on bits of fact and folk lure. I'm interested in the facts that I can discover. I hope that someone over there can relate to my void, and reply with some interesting information. Any facts would be appreciated (even painful truths); as long as they are TRUTHS!