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A Great Film for silent movie buffs, 26 February 2003

Laugh, Clown Laugh is a brilliant tour de force for Lon Chaney. In this film he plays a clown named Tito who takes a young orphan (played by Loretta Young) into his care. She blossoms into a beautiful young woman and a wealthy count falls in love with her. While the film is dated it is well worth watching.

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Interesting Film, 3 February 2003

Body and Soul is an interesting film. Paul Robeson makes a powerful debut in this film about an escaped prisoner who blends into a small community as a beloved pastor. This film is an interesting period piece and was written, directed, and starred African-Americans in an era where that sort of thing wasn't done. Audiences today would be shocked at the stereotypical performances of the supporting cast and would be shocked that an African-American made this film. Well worth seeing for movie buffs. Robeson gives a great and powerful performance.

Brightness (2000)
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Interesting and entertaining, 30 December 2002

Brightness is an entertaining little film. Until the very end of the film you do not really have an idea of what is actually going on. Can recommend this to anyone. Look for Eric Idle of Monty Python fame as Mr. Bix.

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For Jack Nicholson fans only, 25 December 2002

This film is another in a long line of movies showing reckless youths with their fast cars and fast women. This film features a young Jack Nicholson as the leader of a gang in California. When a young woman gets between Jack and his best friend things go downhill for all concerned. This film is recommended only for fans of Jack Nicholson.

Speedy (1928)
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A Terrific Movie, 25 November 2002

If you have never seen a Harold Lloyd film you owe it to yourself to see Speedy. Filmed in 1928 this was Lloyd's last silent movie and it is funny. The story revolves around "Speedy" ,an unfortunate character who has a hard time holding down a job. There are lots and lots of sight gags and slapstick humor.

An Awful Movie!, 11 November 2002

The Avengers is another in a long line of classic television shows that have made it to the big screen. This film is utterly horrible and not worth the effort to see. At test screenings the 2.5 hour film was not favorably received and the highly edited 98 minute version released on the big screen is utterly horrible. What a clunker!

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The granddaddy of 50's rock and roll films, 4 November 2002

New Orleans is an entertaining but dated little film. Set in 1917 jazz and ragtime music are frowned upon by decent society. When a young classically trained singer falls for Nick Duquesne the self proclaimed "King of Basin Street" her mother and polite society will stop at nothing to close Basin Street and chase Nick out of town. Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday appear and in particular this is a must for Louis Armstrong fans. This film is in the style of 1950's and 60's rock and roll movies. Corny but entertaining.

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Ronald Colman gives a great performance, 4 November 2002

Ronald Colman gives a terrific performance as a stage actor who really gets into his work. When he plays Othello on the stage he takes on the persona with dire results. Good film with a great supporting cast. Well worth watching.

Protocol (1984)
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Only for Goldie Hawn fans, 2 November 2002

Protocol is an implausible movie whose only saving grace is that it stars Goldie Hawn along with a good cast of supporting actors. The story revolves around a ditzy cocktail waitress who becomes famous after inadvertently saving the life of an Arab dignitary. The story goes downhill halfway through the movie and Goldie's charm just doesn't save this movie. Unless you are a Goldie Hawn fan don't go out of your way to see this film.

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Powerful and dated yet strangely timeless, 2 November 2002

The Children's Hour is a powerful film dealing with the effects of lies and discrimination. Shirley MacLaine and Audrey Hepburn give terrific performances as 2 girl school teachers accused of being lesbians. Their lives are ruined by an obnoxious little girl who spreads lies. The film is dated in that society today wouldn't bat an eyelash over such a sitation (in fact their school today would probably set attendance records) but you can substitute any minority or ethnic group for the 2 lead characters and see how people can suffer at the hand of discrimination. The movie is based upon the Lillian Hellman play and recommended for movie buffs of all ages.

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