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License to Kill (1984) (TV)
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Worth watching!, 3 November 2008

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This movie might be a bit dated...but that doesn't change the fact that it is still very relevant today! Monsters are still getting behind the wheel after drinking and still injuring/killing innocent people! When someone drinks and knowingly gets behind the wheel and hurts or kills someone...they should be thrown in prison for life. That would be appropriate since they took the life of someone else! Denzel Washington might not have that big of a part in this film...but he was just starting out. The parts he does have are well-done! Ari Meyers does an excellent job as the grieving little sister. I hope I never have to deal with something so tragic as this family had to endure but they played their parts well. Bravo Denzel and to all the actors/actresses in this film. You did an excellent job!

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Simply Beautiful, 6 June 2006

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I have heard comments both good and bad about this movie. I can not understand why anyone would not like this film. Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour are absolutely amazing in this movie. It is a love story that will and has lasted through time. It would be so wonderful to be able to travel through time like this and see what this era was truly like! I only wish I had of been able to meet Christopher before he passed away to tell him what a remarkable actor he is! Jane...if you ever read this...know that this movie is my absolute favorite movie and I will forever be grateful to you, Christopher and everyone else that made it possible. :)