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My personal choice
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Celebrity that are suffering from eating disorder...Please help all the innocent tell them that their distorted self image over themselves are created by their fake illusion in their mind alone...ED is not a joke...All are beautiful just the way they are

second part: Documentaries/Movie focused on ED
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List of all African-american/Hispanic/European/Asian/native american/Africa/oceanic/pacific islander...etc that are beautiful,sexy and hot In my eyes and mind....
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tv series that I really enjoy and like and tv series that i hope to like in future....

my overrated tv series lists...
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Die young...also associated with Club Forever 27 and Curse of 27...(Notably this list consist of almost all musicians that loss their battle to overdoses and suicides...but there's also other causes of death) I also include some that died at age 28-29...
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celebrities with ED:
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My own rating of almost all Pixar movie that I have watch...All according to the numbers...from the best to worst....
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All the actor/actress that share birthday with me....18 July
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the title says all...(Only involve tv reality tv..since reality tv always overrated and overused)

my fav..and would likely fav tv series...
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In no particular order
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My personal TV Series collection (all genre)
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The person I might click and be close to if I'm a Hollywood celebrity.....
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My top Actor and actress that I will cast for any movie.....That I'm working with...hihi..all story are fake/my imagination...Their character and movie title & genre included...
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Just some list of people who other consider "weird" looking or unconventional looking face (body) in HOLLYWOOD standard but for me they just so breathtaking ...enjoy feasting the eyes....
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My top choice of Nicktoons