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With the new Godzilla coming out soon we are all hanging on the edges of our seats wondering what what it is going to be like. But also there is a talk of a sequel after it which the director wants to be like Destroy all monster with loads of monster fighting action. Seeing that the original Destroy all Monster had monsters from different movies all in one, I think this should have the same thing. Now I'm only counting monsters that would be a suitable size for the G-Man but also that appeared in films starting from 1990 - 2014.
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This is who I think should play some of Marvel's greatest characters. Now some are played by the actors and some are people I rather see play these roles.
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films i like and i think should get more credit for.
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Best Actresses Ever
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No Order
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No Order Yet BUT these just make me want to punch walls. Some of them I love they are fun to watch. Guilt Pleasures. But the others on higher rank 10 threw 1. Yeah Bad.
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This list is dedicated to the scream queens. The girls that get cut, do the cutting, scream, and look good doing it. This is just my personal list and it is in no order. These are the girls that I have watched and throw a great part in my bloody heart.
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I love movies. And I love video games. Mix the two...hell yeah. Picture your favorite movie of all time and give it the Pixel treatment.
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THese are films that scared me as a kid and some to this day.
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This is a list dedicated to the small terrors of movies. From the silly to the strange, to the shocking. Back when puppets and stop motion were the best effects in the movie world. Long live scary puppets.