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Family and Friends of RFK Cheer A Ripple of Hope, 9 April 2009

Family and Friends of Robert Kennedy gathered in New York City last week to view this moving documentary film about the man they knew and loved.

"An extraordinary documentary. … Made with such integrity and sensitivity. I am delighted to see it and to bring my children to see their grandfather in that light."

--Kerry Kennedy, Human Rights Activist, Daughter of Robert F. Kennedy

"To watch him (Robert F. Kennedy), to hear that voice, I wept through most of the film just to see those images again. I was deeply moved and equally inspired. This is very powerful. "

--Martin Sheen, Actor

" A really important work of history because it puts into focus one of the most important utterances of a significant American political figure. This film is a really significant piece of history." --Jeff Greenfield, CBS Senior Political Correspondent

"I loved the film, I thought it was terrific. A very important documentary in an essentially important time in our history, and it tells it from a point of view we haven't seen before." --Pat Mitchell, President & CEO, The Paley Center for Media. Former President, PBS.

The event, sponsored April 1st, 2009 at the Paley Center for Media included a panel discussion panel discussion following the screening and featured the film's creator • Dr. Donald Boggs, the film's creator (General Manager of Covenant Productions and Chair of the Department of Communication Arts at Anderson University) • Kerry Kennedy (Human Rights Activist; Author, Being Catholic Now; and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy) • Rory Kennedy, (filmmaker and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy) • Harold Ford, Jr. (Professor of Public Policy, Vanderbilt University) • Jeff Greenfield (Senior Political Correspondent, CBS Nightly News).

The screening was also attended by Ethel Kennedy as well as actors Martin Sheen, Charles Grodin, and Robert Walden. Ripple continues to pursue broadcast and cable opportunities. For more information visit