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I'm not Indian, but I like song and dance tearjerkers as much as next middle-eastern (or anybody). This is a highly subjective ranking, mostly based on how they've made me feel.
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This is a ranking of Superhero or comic movies that I've seen, as well as series such as Star Trek. Other sci-fis and franchise movies are ranked elsewhere.
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I've seen some of these series in our own national TV, so there's a good chance many of them had a different story in the original airings; but at the time, I liked them anyway. Thankfully, I've seen most newer series (say, after 2000) un-retouched.
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A ranking of Franchise movies. Not including Comic books.
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This is a list of cartoons I watched growing up; Ranked based on my love for them. I'll write their local names if I can, and I'd be glad if you could help with the rest.
کارتونهای مارکو پولو، بینوایان، میتی کمان، شهر آجیلی، دهکده حیوانات، توشیشان، پیمپا (سگ خالداری که خالاش جا می موند) و دختری به نام نل، تو سایت نبودن
Manga Mitokōmon, Nutsberry Town, Misha the Bear Cub, Toshishun, Pimpa, Sasurai no shōjo Nell.
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This is a ranking of all spy movies that I've seen (which are not many). I've included leading undercover cops as spies ;-)
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This is a ranking of every original/standalone sci-fi I've seen, not counting superheroes or comic books (to my knowledge) or series like Star Trek or YA novel-based. They are ranked elsewhere. Matrix is so quintessentially sci-fi, I had to put it here.
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Finally, phase 2 of my superficial lists is done. The ranking is based on physique only, from my personal POV.
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This list is mostly personal so that I don't forget hours that I spent with rather good TV. Though some of them are listed as TV movie, most of them were aired as series for us.
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This is phase one of my superficial lists, i.e. those that are based on looks. I've tried to base this list solely on faces. Older actors are ranked based on their youth.
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List of movies that were described to be better than they really were(IMHO). It's not that I hated them all, I just didn't like them as much as I expected.
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This is a list of best looking eastern men and women, those that I know of; which includes Iranians and Indians, mostly.
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This is a ranking of New-Who episodes I've seen so far. I started with Matt Smith so he is MY Doctor and I've watched all his adventures. I've also tried to catch up with Tennant's and Eccleston's run, but only the IMDb best-rated episodes that I saw fit.
-2parters are ranked consecutively, better part comes first.
-My order for companions: Clara, Amy & Rory, Donna, Rose, Martha.
-I'm a proud Moffat fan.
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Movies that I liked better than what I had come to expect (based on reviews or ratings or premise).
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A list of people I had a crush on during my teens, over a decade ago; before I get too old and forget them altogether.
Mostly influenced by the characters they played and alittle bit of looks, I've ranked them based on how much I liked them. Given in description are their characters in the respective TV/movie.
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This list is dedicated to all TV characters I've ever loved, that I can remember. Some of them are timeless and universally loved; some of them however, I'm not sure I'd like quite so much today;)
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Sorted based on the size of the lump in my throat...
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Sometimes an actor/actress does such a job, it becomes the first thing that comes to my mind while thinking of the movie. These are a few of them.
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These characters, though mainly owe their memorable aspects to good stories in good to great movies, are more than just that; As the respective movie is in debt of their awesomeness, too.
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For now my favorite TV show is Supernatural, which has a very good set of actors as its leading cast, living up to the mostly good stories they have to work with. This is a list dedicated to my favorite episodes so far.
note: I've watched a few seasons of Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and some episodes of many other popular TV shows (not including comedy series); but still, I do favor Supernatural.