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where are the kids, 7 April 2008

I have been watching this series on TFC, why do i watch it. Married to a Filipina. Its been on every night for the last five weeks, and I have yet to see a kid doing Kung Fu. I see them screaming a lot, but no Kung and no Fu. The story starts a long time ago in a Shaolin Temple. ( been done before ). The temple gets raided and as the monks do battle, the heir apparent, a little boy gets killed. Flash to the present day in Manila or someplace in the Philippines and the same little boy ( cute ) meets with a long haired stranger with a stick who is wandering about like a drunk. Through the next few episodes we find out the stranger is the Shaolin monk wandering and being chased by the baddies still. The little boy has friends and they all befriended the monk. So far so good, not really. Most of the story concerns about two brothers and the kids, who don't do Kung Fu are secondary. There is one scene where the monk shows a picture of him and the little boy taken over hundred years before? Yes a photograph, when did they have Kodaks in the Shaolin Temples for crying out loud. Thats when I stopped watching and left my wife alone to watch. if you have better things to do, like watching paint dry. then I recommend you do

Hitman (2007/I)
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A bald hit-man, 14 February 2008

I enjoyed the film as with the video game. I will not go into the plot details because its basically a video game, much like Lara. Again because it was done for the American market, we have to point out who is our hero is. So, a hit-man who supposed to blend with the crowd so nobody will notice him, shaves his head and wears expensive suits, of course who will notice someone like that. They should have got Adam Sandler for the role. If you are going to make a believable film, then try and get the character right. But studios don't like that. Hit-man two, three or four will follow i am sure. As I said a good film and a plot which makes sense

Armageddon (1998)
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i felt sorry for the rock, to be in a film like this, 26 June 2007

First of all to a question one commenter wrote, did Owen Wilson die in any other film? yes in the other crap film Anaconda. This is one of those films that Hollywood make for the American audience. They think they are stupid and they will watch any film full of stars and action, explosions and the like. Hollywood don't like their audience to think, and this film in the first twenty minutes proves it. The earth will be demolished in 18 days ( so far so good ), so NASA get Bruce Willis, ( best driller in the world ) to come and help. So, they come and pick up Willis and his daughter, ( played by Liv ) off a drilling platform in the ocean and take them to NASA headquarters. Willis comments on the fact that in 18 hours they have been apologizing to him for the inconvenience. So, lets say it took a couple of days to explain to them the situation, why oh why did the rest of the crew leave the platform?? And how the hell did the role of Ben Affleck, in a couple of days set up his own company and started drilling? If you also notice he has a board with his name printed, and its RUSTY for crying out loud, in a couple of days. Where was he drilling, under acid rain. This is only the start and it was enough for me. I didn't enjoy the film at all. Please Hollywood if you are going to spend all this money on a film, do the decent thing and treat us like adults who understand a little bit.

Dubai (2005)
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its not Milan, 12 June 2007

Following the success of Milan, which was a very good film, the producers thought they would make a similar film based in Dubai. Wrong. Two brothers fall in love with the same girl.( played by Aga Muhlach and John Lloyd Cruz ). The girl is Claudine Barretto a very good actress. so, whats the problem with the film. the story is a basic love triangle film, with beautiful locations. The second fault is the ending. The girl really loves one of the brothers but gets pregnant with the other brother, so far so good. The brothers argue at some point. the girl can't take it any more and goes back to the Philippines, heavy with child. The brothers then get back together, and the older one gets to go to Canada, and the younger one ( who is also the father of the unborn child ) remains in Dubai. A happy ending. Come on guys. Filipinoes go abroad to make money for their families. This girl goes back home with no support from the father, and he does not seem to care. Is that the way Star Cinema wants to portray the Filipino abroad. Whatever was gained in Milan was lost in Dubai.

The film also makes out that life in Dubai is great, well believe you me it isn't, ask any Filipina.

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Bond just carries on doing his thing, 4 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first Bond film I ever saw was On Her Majestys Secret Service, and is still one of the best Bond films, along with Goldfinger, For Your Eyes Only, The Living Daylight and Tomorrow Never Dies. Casino Royale with Daniel Craig is average, not because of Craig, but because of the story. Its simply too long. You have Bond resigning from the service a full 20 or 30 minutes before the end of the film, and you know it wont happen, so the bad guy either really didn't die, ( it was too quick for him ) or the woman is up to no good. As to Craigs Bond, excellent, and he can act, just look at the torture scene and you know this guy is good. Martin Campbell is a good action director. Lets hope the next Bond film is better. Carry On Bond

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take the time to watch the film, 21 May 2007

If you have been living in space for the last twenty years or so, and this is your first Robert De Niro film, its not a bad film to start off with. The story is old and rehashed many times, on TV films and weekly cop series. Cop son goes bad.

To realize what a great actor De Niro is, you would not think so watching this movie. But, please wait until the last half hour of the movie and you will see De Niro crumbling from a tough cop to a guilty father.

Watching him beg to his son to give up to the police, is a great great scene. Worth watching

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you don't want it to end, 17 April 2007

Its about time the Philippines made a film that can be shown all over the world. This film shows the talent the Philippine film industry has, from actors, director, to the whole crew. Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby, make and excellent film couple. The director Cathy Molina, makes full use of the Manila locations. Sights that I remember when I was on holiday. Although their next collaboration " You got me " was not as good, I think Toni,Sam and Cathy will go a long way.

From the city to the villages, the feel was right. From the very start of the film you want to find out who Wills ( Sam's character ), real parents are, and you don't really want Sally ( Toni's character ) to go to the States. So sit back and enjoy the film. You won't be disappointed

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where,s the monkey, 16 April 2007

The last page of the book it ends by saying, " And 6 men ( could of been 7 ) and a monkey walked out of the desert. In the original version we had a monkey at least. In the new version we have a woman, and a few more black actors.

As was said by other reviewers that the beginning of the film was great, but when the action started on the ground it sank. I agree, one of the beautiful aspects of the original was the fact that at least you saw how they can make an airplane out of the old one. But here we are left clueless.

Once again when the Americans make a film, and there are also British actors in it, you know that no Americans will die in that film, everyone else yes, but no Americans ( see The Great Escape ). So a good story once again ripped apart by the studio thinking they know what we want to see. Pity

Bathhouse (2005)
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A love story in a Bathhouse, 16 February 2007

When a film wants to be real to life, and shows us what life is all about, they either succeed or don't. This film is in the latter. Although the acting is first rate, the story doesn't wash. You have a young man ( looking like a younger Jackie Chan ), who finds out is gay and joins the club , The Bathhouse. So far so good, he then falls in love with the local hunk, Chris. Chris like most men wants to share his body with as many ( in this case ) men as he can.

The director then cuts away from the story to show us how in real life these people meet, thru the internet, at the park, cell phones etc.

My question is, thru out the whole of the film, the hero ( if you like ) manages to leave his parents, not have a job, go to the Bathhouse, have sex with every man he meets, and he manages to do this without spending any money, or worse get a disease. Does this mean that all gays in the Philippines don't have to have money. You walk around Manila and say your gay and people feel sorry for you and give you money. Even better all gays are clean and without aids. The film is helped by the Aids counsel in the Philippines. Nothing like that is mentioned in the film.

If your going to make a real life film, DO IT, and don't go half way. The story is bad, just like the jeans of Chris, he never changes them.

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its like the TV series the prisoner, but Truman does not hes in a prison, 29 September 2005

Thye whole point of the film is that Truman is the only one who is unaware that since his birth he has been on TV, and that all the other people are actors. Truman is married, did he ever have sex with his wife or ids he still a virgin. When he sees children walking about, did he not wonder where they came from. Or did he he sex with his actress wife? This above all else is what spoils the story completely for me. He never wanted to go on holiday to France, or to Hawaii? He never once wanted to leave town? Find out who his real parents were if possible. Lastly why would any government, especially the USA let this type of thing happen? Its totally against human rights, and everyone involved with the project should have been put in jail. Hype made this picture popular, and some high brow reviewers.

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