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What a scary Batman that almost killed the Kryptonian!, 26 March 2016

My experience of this movie went very well. Of course if you have read many comics and watched the animations (like Dark Knight Returns) you will be able to tell many things ahead. Zack actually made the Bat quite scary. Batman's entry will make you feel like watching a Horror Movie for a second. Ben Affleck made an angrier and scarier Batman than the previous actors. His hatred for the Alien can be almost felt. The fight scene was very swell and one of my friend enjoyed the Bat beating Superman to a pulp. But I didn't as I actually empathized with his situation already. The government wanted him controlled. Bat was angry on him. Lex wanted to kill a God for psychotic competition. Poor Smallville chap just wanted to do good and was so confused with the politics. Like 'Man of Steel' Superman took a lot of beating in this one too. That's why I was with the other half of the audience when Superman regained his strength and hit the Bat back. I clapped and cheered at that moment though i have always been the Bat's fan. I always thought about the Martha angle, which was used in this movie very well. And ... Diana ... The whole house applauded when she entered the fight and I liked her slashing Doomsday. I enjoyed the film thoroughly. There will always be expectations but this movie was very well made. To comprehend, direct and depict this level of complexities. Too good.

Humshakals (2014)
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Don't ... don't ... you might want to shoot yourself!!, 21 June 2014

Imagine ... and I mean try to 'visualize' what you are going to read next... "After having watched this movie in a cinema-hall, while on your way back (from it), a mad dog crosses your path. wait ... make it more ... let us say, three mad dogs. You are terrified, assuming that the dogs might bite you but. Somehow those dogs know that you have seen 'Humshakals' and that too in a 'hall'. So, instead of biting you they'll all bow down in front of you showing utter respect to the courage you exhibited!" ... I think you got the point. Why did these actors work in this movie. Why?? Certain scenes are quite funny but overall this movie is s**t.

Krrish 3 (2013)
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Even if you heard people say, 'this one copies work from many sources', the movie is actually very good!, 17 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The impacting role in this movie in my view is of Kangana. Though, she usually does portray a character of a confused girl in most of her movies, here playing Kaya is done very well with her sense of being confused. :) I am not making fun of her at all. Kaya is played very well by her. The confusion of her doing good or bad and being in love with Krishna can be clearly inferred in the later parts, with Kangna being able to project this very clearly. 'Krrish 3' does overdo it (at some places) when it comes to being sappy. There are a number of 'too much sappy' dialogues and at the end, the scene where 'someone has to leave his/her baby at the mercy of Krrish trying to stop a falling piece of building and Kaal, on top of it, jumping menacingly on that falling architecture to make things even more difficult for Krrish' is quite melodramatic! :D. 'God Allah aur Bhagwan', in my view, was certainly not needed where it was put. Must have been much better to use this one in end credits or with a proper function for Krrish where he, himself with his father and wife was not supposed to dance. I mean, leave it to some other talents to pay respect to Krrish by having cameos in such a song! That said, the airplane scene in the beginning of the movie was swell. The whole special effects in the movie were great! While watching the trailer, the 'anti-virus bomb explosions' snippet made me think, whether Krrish saves a planet this time! And I am glad, this was not what I expected and found the actual premise for this scene quite palatable. I have always been a 'superhero-aholic' chap, reading DC, Marvel & Raj Comics and watching movies, and I really enjoyed this movie. The scene where Krrish faces the 'Frog Man' for the first time, especially the point where he confronts him giving him the 'you are in my territory' looks was very impacting for me. The logical aspects are 'far far far' more better than Dhoom 3. :D The movie has a very good appeal for kids. And the positive messages expressed in the movie are commendable. Like when 'Krishna gives a rose to Kaya (Not joking, see the movie for this)'. I found the song 'Dil ... tu hi bata', the only 'worth remembering song' because of the music and the frames from Jordan. If someone thinks 'why Kangana suddenly drops to the ground and beaves like an animal' in this song ... that is because of the character she is playing in that movie! I find Krrish 3 a great and quite under-appreciated effort (by over- demanding silly people who given a chance will themselves be not able to achieve even 1% of this work) in the landscape of Superheroes.

Commando (2013)
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Better than various now-a-days action movies. Watch it for the action of Vidyut and the character played by Jaideep., 6 September 2013

Giving it 10/10 as this movie is worth the attempt made in the genre of Action. Vidyut certainly is a treat for action-movie lovers here. And, oh, I mean actual action and not the 'throw them all in air and beat them before they touch ground' one. Unlike the other silly action movies these days, Vidyut does a believable role where he demonstrates the competency of beating 25-30 goons single handedly, as a Commando. Pooja plays the 'teekhi mirchi' yet helpless character very well. The action sequences were slick, complex and technical! The villain, played by Jaideep was truly detestable and creates a character who try to instill fear in the hearts of public by faking things about himself although being a no match to the hero, clearly. This was very well handled by Jaideep till end. The movie also has this 'I hate crooked politicians' thing in it, so, will be enjoyed by many and mostly by youth.

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Who cares if Pappu can't dance when he is a gem of a person ...., 15 June 2012

Good Movie. Funny with a pleasant and touching storyline. Explores the angle of how two people, so different in natures, can find happiness together. Sometimes, all the caring and affection one shows towards the loved one can become irritating for people, but in the absence it is surely missed and longed for. Makes you think about the importance of your good people in life. How you trade-off with differences of the others, for the sake of love. Best friendship/love involves accepting people the way they are and indispensable bickerings. Sourabh Shukla, Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia and Rajat Kapoor at best with Nasseruddin in great, offbeat cameo.

Thanks for one very wise friend of mine, because of whom I got to watch this movie. :)

Don 2 (2011)
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Don ki movie ki story mein agar Farhan involved ho.. toh movie achchhi hi banegi, 24 December 2011

After Ra-one, I was looking up to this-one and I am not disappointed at all. The 'Over the head' attitude of Don really suits Shahrukh or shall I say, was splendidly managed by the makers. It is justified. Also, while watching the promos; there was this echoes of 'Don... Don...' which made me prejudiced about thinking the movie as a 'Brag'. But ... this is totally not the case in the movie. The lines where Don refers to himself in third person were also well arranged in contexts. The writers; Ameet, Amrish and Farhan did a swell job. The story is complex and well plotted. Its like you'd think of the previous events justifying the present happenings i.e. 'this stuff is happening/justified because of the earlier this-this event' (not including the flashbacks). Such a trait would compel you to watch the movie, probably again. Well, thats what I'm gonna do. The action scenes are the slickest (neither far- fetched nor lame) of all Indian movies. Don is really believable with his ballsy and wayward attitude. Twists in story are really great. Lastly, it left me prejudiced ki "Don ki movie ki story mein agar Farhan involved ho.. toh movie achchhi hi banegi".... Waiting for Don 3.....

Ra.One (2011)
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Breaks any milestone of 'an Indian Super Hero on TV/big screen', 26 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, so I waited for this one, very long, to show. Here's what I think... The movie has very good, slick and to-date best vfx and fight sequences. It doesn't disappoint in these at all. As, everyone knows Shahrukh is quick witted, the comedy takes are very humorous, like keys and Idli one. The game angle though, ought be more thought. I mean, a three level game?? Really? With fights just between and Thats it... You could say, okay, that was the arcade mode of the game. But this should've been cleared out. Whatever accidents, fights happen, the police never bothers to do anything. Neither in India, nor abroad. The Rajnikanth angle would've been interspersed for impressing Tamil/Telegu audience but it wasn't much thought out and looked childish. identifies him as Chitti while Kareena is in awe for Rajnikant. While G.One is not mistaken for Shahrukh... Was that a slip up? Son and Wife didn't even properly mourn for Shekhar. Maybe because they now have a SuperHero replacement of father/husband. The story also drags on certain parts. Like Dildara was not needed where it was placed (IMHO). I watched it in 3D, but not much 3D effects there. Bottom line.... the movie totally justifies international standards. The story, acting, logic part is far better than Robot in my opinion. Totally breaks any milestone of 'an Indian Super Hero on TV/big screen'. With so much to justify and achieve, it deserves an 8 on my judgment.

After.Life (2009)
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poignant, 28 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think the movie has a deeper sense. With Anna struggling with what to believe, Elliot offers her to walk through the door, after hearing her emotions. Its almost like he had the power to either pull or push you. Depends on his judgment of you. The little kid was really good (creepy). I kept postponing to watch this one for a long time, feeling it'd be just another horror. But it is really a good movie. You really attune to every character's emotions related with the decisions they had made. And, of course, to the ones interpreting; its deep. A good emotionally haunting one. One of the good movies I watched ever. Do give it a try. 10 on 10.

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Excellent!!, 27 August 2011

Despite of people pointing out flaws and goofs in Kevin's work, I'm really becoming a fan of his takes on characters. Although, the franchisee meddled with his work regarding the outworld episodes, he reclaimed and kept his work as he liked. And this is good. I was in awe, completely for the last episode of season 1. Cyrax and Sektor were just terrific. How Hydro was pulled off the stream in just one episode was meticulous. I'm just looking forward for the next season and hope the seasons continue, to include all characters that were never touched aptly in movies and games, like Noob Saibot. After the 'Cyber Initiative' episode, I'd really like the story of Smoke to screen. Great work done by the whole team. Just, please, keep 'em coming.

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Quaint and mysterious., 14 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just liked this take on Red Riding Hood. This movie is good with setup. Great medieval feel and oh! I liked the background score very much. Just a piece of advice so, try watching with best sound setup you could come up with. You would really like this movie when you are in a mood to watch a mystery movie with quaint medieval village setup, like 'The Village'. The DI feel of this movie was really good. Rather than comparing it with any movie, try watching it for 'I just want to enjoy a mystery story' inclination. You'd be surprised. The climax is good. And... I just like how the grandma angle was presented, especially 'Big Eyes To See You Better ...' scene.

For me, excellent....

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