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You Won't Be Looking at Your Phone, 13 February 2015

For some reason it has become really cool to say that you hate this book and you hate this movie. I'd actually believe that both were rubbish if it wasn't that fact that one hundred million books were sold and you have to book a couple of days in an advance to see the film.

I loved both. I thought they were funny, romantic and very different. To be honest this is just a really lovely story. It's about a lonely insecure girl who falls in love with a billionaire and helps him overcome a troubled past. It also about a guy who appears to have it all together but just doesn't. Both the main actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman do a wonderful job bringing these flawed characters to life.

There is a lot of sex and there is some horrible violence. But it's how the characters react to this that makes it compelling viewing. People will tell you there are a lot of flaws in the writing but it's a style, not for everybody, but a style. E.L. James has a degree and she's highly successful; she knows exactly what she is doing.

You may disagree with the themes, you may find some of the movie cliché but trust me you won't be bored and you won't be sorry you went. It's a fantastic movie.

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The Sons Continue to Lose Their Way, 6 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With a two week wait and only two episodes to go, hopes were high for this episode.

Those hopes were smashed.

The humour and humanness is gone with the writers and creators clearly focusing on other projects.

Three major characters were killed and I hated the way each one went out. You can't help wondering if the show will end by killing all of them?

When Jackson killed Unser, he probably lost the support of 99% of the viewers. And to have him back with Wendy, well that's just lazy script writing. I may have been lost for good but three questions remain. 1. What exactly was Nero doing in the garage? 2. What is wrong with Jackson's leg? 3. What by-law does Jackson want changed before he agrees to a mayhem vote?

Those three questions saved the episode for me….but only just.

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Lin - The Unluckiest TV Character Ever, 20 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Episode 11 is not one of the most exciting ones this season. It certainly doesn't begin with the shocks of the one before it and for this show, there's not a lot of violence. What it does is reveal the season's biggest secret and focuses on the hurt of the various characters that realise what has been done and what they have done as a result.

There are a lot of tears and a lot of great acting. Juice (Theo Rossi) and Jackson (Charlie Hunman) perform one of the most emotional scenes in television and it makes for an outstanding viewing. We can easily forgive Charlie Hunman for letting his English accent slip in to the earlier parts of the show.

It is almost nice to get a break from the violence (with the exception of Lin killed about five minutes before he was exonerated) but we can only presume that things will build. It won't be long before they are all back to killing each other.

There's still one big cliff hanger to solve though. No it's not what will happen to Gemma? The problem of the rat has been solved as well. No the question that bothers me that I hope they address before the season finale is why does every single character have an archaic phone and what exactly does SAMCRO have against smart phones?

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No Loving for Wendy, 14 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everybody handles their grief in different ways.

The episode begins with the key characters in bed. Almost none of them are alone and there are quite a few surprises.

It takes a few moments to see that Jackson is with Winsome (Inbar Lavi), the prostitute he rescued a few episodes ago. There are the usual suspects; Nero (Jimmy Smits) with a lackluster Gemma (Katey Segal), Chibbs (Tommy Flanagan) and the Sheriff (Annabeth Gish). However, surprisingly, Ratboy (Niko Nicketeria) is with a woman who is not Brooke. Tig (Kim Coates) is spending some time with Venus (Walter Goggins). Wendy is alone (and that won't change anytime soon) but she is still having fun. Happy (David Labrava) spends time with a high heeled lady but he doesn't look very happy. Juice (Theo Rossi) has more to worry about. He is with Tully (Marilyn Manson). It doesn't look consensual.

This episode is mostly about friendship and love with a little revenge on the side. Moses (Mathew St. Patrick) got payback (I hope that actor didn't make any long term loans based on his job with the show) and a new friend came good- Otis (Luke Massey). Even Unser (Dayton Callie) gets a nice pat from Eglee (Marya Delver) after saving her life

Juice has some worries with Tully's attraction for him moving in to high gear. He isn't going to be rescued by Jackson anytime soon who is almost encouraging. "He could use a little loving" he tells Tully.

Wendy was the only character who was alone in the opening love sequence and nothing appears to be changing on that front. While telling the story of how she is Abel's mother, Jackson says to Abel that he and Wendy were better off as his friends. He looks straight at her and the message is not lost. Perhaps it is because she offered to make him tea. Really Wendy?

None have bigger problems than Gemma though. Abel fresh from the news that Wendy is his mother, asked Jackson if that is why grandma "killed my other mummy".

Holy hell!

Will Jackson take this as the ramblings of a confused five year old or will he finally take revenge on a real enemy (the first time this season he has actually gone after someone who truly wronged him)? With only three episodes left, my guess is on the second.

And where were the Indian Hills charter? Somebody killed their president and they take more time to revenge his murder than my local council does to approve my pool fence (and trust me that's significant).

The acting remained outstanding. Charlie Hunman was pretty good but as usual Walton Goggins stole the show. No surprise there, he always does. Someone really needs to give that guy an award.

Thanks Kurt for remembering you have female viewers.

Watch out for Brooke though……especially now.

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This was no Donna!, 8 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In season one club wife Donna (Sprague Graydon) was murdered by the club itself in case of mistaken identity. It was early days and we had no idea that the writers were going to be so footloose with killing off key characters. Certainly if you get a part on Sons on Anarchy, you shouldn't take out a mortgage because there is no guarantee how long you will be working for.

That death, like the death of Opie (Ryan Hurst), Piney (William Lucking) and Tara (Maggie Siff) were shocking and heart breaking. And we as fans lapped it up. The death of Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) was predictable and mostly emotionless. I thought the character deserved better.

Still it was a good show. Chibbs (Tommy Flanagan) was told to keep the new Sheriff Jarry close but "not too close". Perhaps he misunderstood that direction? There was some romantic advice. Ratboy (Nico Nictera) yelled at Brooke (Hayley McFarland) but after some choice words from Gemma (Katey Segal) "When it comes to finding a good old lady, you don't get what you want, you get what you are," he apologized and told her he loved her.

Gemma remained out of control accusing the police sheriff of all types of corruption and then decking her while Nero looked on in resignation. "I'm glad that went well," he said.

The Sons also got payback in a very clever move that should be entitled "How to hand over a dead body without handing over a dead body." Interestingly, there was no music! I wasn't disappointed. It remains the unique show on television.

We need to watch out for Brooke though!

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Have they Given up?, 1 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At first glance, I was deeply disappointed with this episode. There are four distinct attempts to disgust the audience and Jackson (Charlie Hunman) has turned into some kind of serial killer (albeit a very likable one).

The club continues in their quest to avenge Tara's murder, having started wars with at least two rival gangs and now possibly one within their own branch. They are determined and violent, stopping at nothing to get back at those who have wronged them.

This is disappointing for the audience because we all know none of these people had nothing to do with Tara's murder.

With the series ending, there seems to be lack of responsibility in the story writing. The fans will keep watching because there are only a few episodes to go and anything can happen to the characters without any sort of consequence. There has been a massive drop in quality.

Or has there?

There are moments of acting brilliance in this piece. Theo Rossi is outstanding in his interaction with Sheriff Jarry and Unser as he offers them a deal with no negotiation. Tig (Kim Coates) has one line but when the sons discover a written threat in Gemma's house, he grabs the audience's attention without saying a word. Finally Tony Curran is exceptional in his small role as Indian Hills president when he threatens to start an internal war.

The scriptwriting is also second to none. "Sometime maybe tomorrow or maybe ten years from now, somebody wearing a reaper will cut out your heart". "Tell us where the body is and you may just be the person holding the knife."

The romance may be gone. Every second scene may be too violent for me to bare but I for one will stay to the end. There is no show like it.

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How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way, 25 October 2014

In season one John Tellar reads from his own manuscript and tells Jackson (Charlie Hunman) how the Sons of Anarchy lost their way and details the decline of the club.

I agree with Tellar. Like the mythical club, the show has lost its way in Season Seven. It has disintegrated in to a whirlpool and violence and ruthlessness. This has been no accident.

Sutter killed Jackson's best friend Opie (Ryan Hurst) and his wife Tara Maggie Siff) and as result, the club leader has no moral compass. Jackson is moving through Charming with such ruthlessness that the violence has almost become boring. I am a bit worried about the impact it has had on me psychologically. When someone cut their hand at work, I told them to suck it up and refused to hand over a bandaid.

The humour however, has not been completely lost. In this episode Jackson tells Ratboy and Happy to take Gemma to the cabin. Ratboy asks Jackson what to do if she becomes difficult. "Are you afraid of my mother?" Jackson asks him. "We all are," Happy answers for him.

But the compassion is gone. In fairness to Sutter, Jackson does cry when he thanks the club for helping him settle a personal agenda but minutes later he is pushing an intellectually challenged pimp through a window in an attempt to make it look like a suicide so the Jewish man "can't get in to heaven."

I ask the creator to remember that some of your fans are female and some of these are intelligent. We don't have to be appalled in every moment.

A romance would be nice. Yes we have Althea Jarry (Annanabeth Gish) and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and I have to admit that I do love her. But she wasn't in this episode at all and in the last one she and Chibs were arguing over who should thank who for the sex.

Really Kurt?

We'd all love to see a romance for Jackson and with the introduction of the hooker Winsome (Inbar Lavi) we may get that. However, this has been done before. Anyone remember Collette (until was unceremoniously killed by the Chinese only to resurrect almost unrecognisably in the film Gone Girl)? It would be nice to see him with someone different. If Kurt Sutter reads IMDb (and I seriously doubt that he has the time with the whole final season going on and his own personal commitment to Twitter) he would argue that he did give us Tara who as a pediatric surgeon was someone different for Jackson.

Alright I agree; it is difficult to come up with a new story arc.

But can you please cut down on some of the violence and give us a few more nice moments? I long for the day when the episodes were so good my workmates banned me from talking about it more than twice a week. That was a golden time!

SAMCRO comes into its Own, 31 January 2014

I have been writing episode synopsises for season one of Sons of Anarchy thus have been avoiding writing reviews seeing it a little bit of a creative conflict of interests. However, after I watched season 1 episode 10, I had to write this review. This episode is superb, perhaps the best in the entire season. It is the point where everything simply clicks into place with both the acting and the writing. It is extremely funny and the drama is nothing short of compelling. The actors now seem to know who their characters are and there are three scenes in particular that are superb. Charlie Hunman in particular really seems to understand all facets of Jackson and the inclusion of new antagonist ATF Agent Stahl (played by Ally Walker) really works. The ATF agent is both cruel and sexy and the confusion makes for great television viewing. The comrade between club members provides much of the stimulus for the comedy. Whilst nothing pivotal to the plot happens (although much of it is set up) this episode in every way has all of the ingredients that make me love this show.

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Won't Win An Oscar But You'll Have Fun Anyway, 27 January 2014

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an exciting movie that won't win any awards but makes for a really fun afternoon. It tells the story of Jack Ryan (obviously) and his life as a CIA agent from recruitment to operational. It avoids cliché and the acting is believable. Chris Pine stars as Jack Ryan and he really brings this character life. This is possibly his biggest role to date but things are clearly on the horizon. He has a true screen charisma. Kevin Costner has also brought the magic as Ryan's mentor. Kiera Knightley stars as his love interest and she also creates real drama. I am not sure if it is poor wardrobe choices or a directorial decision to play down her looks but the costuming of her character is awful and a lot of opportunities are missed. That is the only bad thing one can say about his film. It has action, laughs and a fair bit of emotional drama. I loved it.

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Kids liked it and I liked the break it gave me, 20 January 2014

The film Walking with Dinosaurs has tremendous potential. It tells the story of Patchi (Justin Long) a Pachyrhinosaurus as he struggles to make his way in the dinosaur world. Patchi is brave and kind and despite being the runt of the litter has an incredible knack of survival in an extremely treacherous environment. The digital animation for this film is second to none and the dinosaurs are literally brought to life right in front of the screen. We saw it in 2d and it did not make much difference. My two and four year old loved it and I think a little boy obsessed with dinosaurs would love it even more. I was a little disappointed with the script finding it clichéd and predictable at times. Some stories lacked development but it did give me an hour and a half of rest whilst my girls sat enthralled. It's not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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