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Andalucia (2007)
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Refreshing, poetic and opening your mind, 29 July 2008

This movie made me feel incredibly well.

This is really refreshing to have a generous movie that lets the viewer think by himself about what he sees and feels. It is rare enough to notice.

This movie is about Yacine, a French guy in his thirties whose family comes from Maghrebian countries.

It tells about his way of living, trying to find himself through his encounters with others, and his roots.

Some really nice scenes, with nice photography. The main actor seems impressively human and his charism makes us go along with him through his path searching.

This movie has not a linear way of telling a story but is more a human experience shown to us without imposing us clichés. Never being political (as it could have been about immigration...), more humanist and poetic, sometimes funny, it is worth being watched, especially if you want to see something different from what is usually shown.

From my point of view, a little gem that was not enough advertised. A movie that took the risk not to be in the standards.

Have a refreshing try.