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The Switch (2010/I)
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Fantastic!, 4 September 2010

Absolutely brilliant. Jason Bateman's comic timing is outstanding and Jeff Goldblum is hilarious too. The little lad who plays Sebastian is a really good actor and I really took to him. Laugh out loud funny. Will definitely buy this when it comes out on DVD. I haven't enjoyed a film as much in a long time. Oh, expect "She Out of My League". Jennifer Aniston really did well in this film. I like her anyway but she seems to play the same part in every film so it was nice to see her playing something a little different for a change. Jason Bateman broke my heart at one stage when he cried. Some brilliant one liners in there and I liked the relationship between Jason Bateman and Juliette Lewis as well. Go see it!

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I think this film is ace!, 8 August 2010

It's meant to be a light hearted, easy going film and it is. I'm not a Cameron Diaz lover (acting wise) but I really liked her in this film. I got the feeling that they had a real laugh making it - they have good chemistry on film. I'm going watching it again with my husband and I'll buy it on DVD when it comes out. I think the humour is brilliant and I think the drugging part is funny. I giggled throughout, as did a lot of other people in the cinema. I'm glad Tom Cruise did this film, he's funny. I went to the cinema today wanting an easy fun film and nothing too serious and that's exactly what I got. Each to their own and all that but in my opinion don't take any notice of the bad reviews, go and judge it for yourself because it's worth it. Tip top!